A New Pot on the Patio

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I’ve got a new pot on the patio.  My new pot is cute, super trendy and and is not originally intended to be a flower pot.

It’s a utensil caddy! This sweet caddy was calling my name, however I already have a utensil caddy. So what else could I use it for? A pot on my patio! I love using everyday items and making them into fun things for my garden.

Don’t you love finding surprises in the garden? I’ve used olive baskets, crates, tea cups, and old chairs as “pots”, just to name a few.  The more unusual the better! You can see how I made this garden chair here.

Before I could put plants into my caddy, I needed to drill a few holes for drainage.

Drilling the holes left a few burrs on the bottom of the caddy, so a quick sanding to smooth them out was the next step. I wasn’t too worried about ruining the caddy with holes. Even if I decided to use this as a real caddy in the future, the holes wouldn’t be big enough to be a problem.

Once that was done it was time to plant a few flowers!

This new pot is perfect as a centerpiece on my patio table.

There are three things that make any planted pot a success. You need a thriller, a filler and a spiller.  Tall plants in the back, medium size plants in the middle and low trailing plants that will spill out of the pot. A perfect trifecta!

It is kind of hard to tell by looking at this plant arrangement, but I always use that formula. Always.

I still have a lot more to do in the backyard to get ready for summer. There is a lot of spray paint in my future! I feel like a new pot on the patio is a great start.


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  1. Oh my goodness, my sister in law is building a farmhouse right now and she’s using galvanized lights on the porches. I was telling her she should use galvanized buckets and pails for flowers. I just might make this for her as a housewarming gift. Love it!

    1. Stacey,
      Your sister-in-law’s porch lights sound so cute! Using the utensil pail was super easy. I would love to see yours if you decide to make one. I love seeing how others use plants and their ideas. I always learn so much!

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