Painted Flower Pots

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So my sisters and I had a pot party this past Saturday. As in painted flower pots.  We had a party with my sister and niece to paint our flower pots. We kept calling it a pot party just to get a reaction out of my husband. So fun…. he he!

Painted pots 11

Let’s face it, flower pots can be expensive, especially if they are large or are one of  those pretty glazed pots. The pots we painted may not be that fancy, but we had a great time painting them and they will give our gardens a pop of color that we love at a great price!

Saturday morning had us hitting Statuary World just outside of Yukon, OK for a ton of terra cotta pots. Then on to my sisters house for the painting fun!

My Garden 5

We had big pots, medium post and small pots.

Painted Pots

These navy polka dotted pots were one of my favorites!

Painted Pots 1

Especially as a new navy and white porch swing will be a new addition to her front porch soon!

painted pots 7

We spray painted pots a bright red , then flipped them over and stacked them to create a bird bath.

painted pots 4

We even had a few pots with stencils.

painted pots 10

Love this black and gold…

painted pots 9

My niece’s gunmetal and turquoise pots were a favorite of everyone. It looks gold here, but it was more of a rolex color. I would probably never have put these two colors together, but I love them! One of the many reasons I love hanging with other creative people – you get great ideas! She did two of these for her new front porch.

My garden

As you can see, I love my new pot with the variegated blues. It’s perfect on the new patio! ( The patio is still a work in progress. More on that later!)

Here’s a great garden tip: All of the flowers shown here – and a lot that weren’t shown- were bought at Lowes. AND at a big discount. Most of you probably know, but in case you don’t, Lowes puts their overstock and slightly worse for wear plants on sale. I hit that area weekly in the spring and summer. Sometimes it is an awesome, hit the plant lottery kind of sale – like this week- and sometimes not so much. We bought hanging baskets for $5.00. Shrubs $8.00 and flats of flowers that looked perfect for $3.00!!!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

We bought so many plants we almost didn’t have room in the SUV to get them home. I love a good sale.

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  1. Tammy, the painted pots are fun! The best part is making the memories while you did it. I want some blue pots for my patio and have been looking at Lowe’s. Honestly, I should paint the ones I have too. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

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