A Simple Fall Mantle

A few years ago this was my fall mantle. Lots of rich color, a few feathers and I loved it. However, lately I’ve been wanting to go in a different direction. More of a simple fall mantle that has lighter, brighter colors.

painted jar vignette

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been adding a lot of navy and orange to my house as my fall color theme.

Since my living room was already orange, navy and white it only make since to keep that theme in the living room.

a simple fall mantle

I started with these cute white faux pumpkins.

While doing a little grocery shopping, I spied these faux pumpkins at my local Kroger.

They had 4 different sizes and were the perfect size to fit on my mantle.

You can’t tell, but they are a medium size pumpkin that would normally be around $15.00 to $20.00 in most stores.

However, I scored with these as they were on sale for $5.00 and $4.00 each!

pumpkins, fall banner

Before placing them on the mantle, I placed some fall leave stems on the mantle for a base.

Then added a few berries.

Once I had the pumpkins in place, I twisted a bittersweet vine in amongst the pumpkins.

The candle sticks were some I’ve had for years from Southern Living At Home.

a simple fall mantle

At this point I loved the simplicity of the mantle, but it still seemed a little bare.

Mainly because my fireplace wall is HUGE!

So I decided to make a banner.

This was a super simple project that I will share with you later!

Lantern, blue and white vase

I had these lanterns sitting on the hearth.

They’ve been empty awhile while I was looking for something other than candle to go in them.

lanter, blue an white decor

On a whim, I placed the blue and white vases inside of them and add a cute orange and white bow to tie in the orange and blue theme of the living room.

a simple fall mantle

We are really loving a simple fall mantle!

pumpkin tags

On a side note, I found these super cute tags at Hob Lob recently.

I’m in LOVE with them.

At first, I thought about making my own, but at $3.99 less 40% I couldn’t resist picking up a set.

pumpkin, pumpkin tag

Aren’t they cute?

It’s like adding jewelry to a little black dress!

Who doesn’t love a pumpkin that has a little bling?

I’ve enjoyed putting out my fall stuff so much that I’ve decided to head to my sisters house and help her get her fall on!

Stay tuned for that!

Until next time…..


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