Fall In A Jar

Ten on the 10th

It’s Ten on the 10th! I look forward to this day every month because we usually have ten or more super talented women get together and share super cute ideas for under $10.00! This month we are shy of ten because #life. Since September is the beginning of the fall season, I decided to share fall in a jar with you.

Before I go any further, I want to thank Patti from Pandora’s Box for hosting this month!

Our theme this month is upcyled or recycled.

Ball mason jar

So many things came to mind, however my procrastination reared it’s ugly head and eliminated a lot of things due to time.

I have a closet full of things that I have rescued, pulled out of the trash, or bought at a garage sale.

When I began sorting through my junk I found a ton of Ball mason jars.

Clearly they needed to be used!

tapped mason jar

I decided to make cute little peek-a-boo jars to give out as happy fall gifts to a few neighbors and friends!

These are super easy to make.

Cut out a vinyl maple leaf, then placed it onto the jar.

Then tape off the areas that you do not want to paint.

spray painted jar

Step 2:

Next, spray paint your jar.

Make sure to do two or three light coats in order to avoid having runs.

painted mason jar

Step 3:

Once the paint has thoroughly dried, remove the tape and vinyl from the jar.

painted mason jar

This is what your peek-a- boo jar should look like at this point.

burlap, lid and spray adhesive

Step 4:

The plain silver lid looked a little too plain for me.

I cut out a circle from some burlap ribbon I had on hand and mounted it onto the lid using spray adhesive.

Burlap lid on jar

Step 5:

Add cute ribbon and your peek-a-boo jar is finished!

painted jar vignette

Now the the jars are finished you must be wondering what I plan to put in the jars.

Well, I have to admit I had several things in mind.

Maybe a small flicker votive in one to create a nice warm fall look?

Cashews and candy corn

However, I went in a different direction.

I mixed half cashews and half candy corn for a wonderful treat that tastes like a Payday candy bar!

Most people use peanuts, but we like the taste of cashews better here at the castle.

candy corn and cashews

I think these jars filled with a sweet fall treat would be a perfect gift to welcome in fall!

Fall in a jar

How much did these jars cost?

The jars, ribbon, spray paint, vinyl and tape were all things that I had in my stash.

The candy and nuts cost $1.66 per jar.

Fall in a jar y’all!

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  1. Tammy this is such a great idea. I have tons of those things just sitting in my garage on a shelf. Great share!!! I pinned this great craft. It is a perfect little gift for teachers, neighbors or just to give. Love it!

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