Adding Trim To Curtains – The Easy Way

Good Friday morning Peeps! Today  I’m going to share something with you that could change your life! Adding trim to curtains – the easy way.

Let me give you a little back ground, just in case you are new here.

Almost three years ago we downsized and moved into our current home.

The breakfast room, which is right off of our kitchen, has been redecorated at least four times since we moved in.

Not kidding at all!

two different curtain choices

Up until recently, the curtains on the left were in the breakfast room.

The curtains on the right were in the guest room.

When I gave the guest room a facelift, I switched out the curtains!

White Curtains in a breakfast room

However, even thought the navy curtains were the right color for the breakfast room, they never felt right.

So I decided to put up these curtains from IKEA that I’ve had awhile.

I love them and they are in several rooms of my home.

Except, they looked really plain in the breakfast room.

Fabric tape and trim

I thought about adding this trim that I’ve had for a long time.

However, what if I hated it after going to all the work of sewing the trim to the curtain.

Plus it a pain to get the trim on the curtain straight and perfect.

No master seamstress  here!

But, then I remembered Fabric Tape.

Fabric Tape

Fabric tape is a lot like fashion tape.

It’s super tacky, but is easily removed!

fabric tape

To make my tape go further, I unrolled about 12 inches at a time and cut it in half.

Taping trim to curtains

Once I had put a strip of the tape on both edges of the trim I stuck the trim to the curtain.

TIP:   Cut the trim an inch longer than the curtain at the top and the bottom. Then fold the trim over to the backside of the curtain – at both ends. This hides the ends and looks finished!

Curtain with trim on it

Now I have beautiful trim on my curtain without the work of sewing it on and without the commitment!

If I decide that I love the trim, then I can go back, remove the tape and sew it on.

But for right now, this is the perfect solution!

And the cost?

It’s under $10.00.

So worth it to me to add trim to curtains – the easy way!

Until next time…


Adding Trim To Curtains

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    1. Yay! Glad you got some inspo. For me this was perfect until I make up my mind. So far I’m loving it.

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