Mt. Scott and Meer’s

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

You have all heard of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, right? If not, it is hosted by Guy Fieri ( Pronounced Guy “fee-eddy”) who travels all across the US to sample food and share his reviews with you. My Hubs is a big fan. So when we were planning on attending a retirement party in Central Oklahoma this past week end, the Hubs asked if I wanted to head to Mt. Scott and Meer’s Store and Restaurant for lunch?

Of course!

Mt. Scott

Mt. Scott is a prominent mountain in Northwest Oklahoma and lies in the Witchita MountainNational Wildlife refuge.

It is known for it’s climbing, hiking, camping and water sports on Lake Lawtonka which sits at it’s base.

Mt. Scott and Lake Lawtonka

Lake Lawtonka

On a side note, be sure and visit the nearby town of Medicine Park.

It was a huge tourist attraction from the 1920’s – 1950’s.

Another quick stop is The Holy City, which is a replica of Jeruselum  during Jesus time.

They have a chapel and do reenactments of the crucifixion on sunrise of Easter Sunday.


Meer’s Store and Restaurant 

We did drive bys of the aforementioned and headed straight to Meer’s Store and Restaurant.

Meer’s is over 100 years old and is said to have one of the best and biggest hamburgers ever.

As you can see it definitely falls into the “Dive” category of Mr. Fieri’s show!

Wall in Meer's Restaraunt

Just in case you were wondering, this wall will give you a little taste of the restaurant’s decor.

Cheese Burger

The Burger

The Hubs decided to order what Mr. Fieri tried on the show, a cheeseburger and a bowl of chili.

As you can see everything is served in old pie tins and the burger almost filled it up.


 The Big BLT

I decided to go for the BIG BLT.

It truly lived up to it’s name.

Also, all drinks are served in giant sized Mason jars.

They just look average sized due to the size of the sandwiches!

Peach Cobbler and Ice Cream

Heaven In A Bowl

In all honesty, the burgers were good, but not the best ever.

The chili was average.

The Big BLT was good, but had an unusual texture.

However, the star of the show, hands down, was the Peach Cobble and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Best I’ve ever had.

Meer's Restaurant

Just in case you might want to stop by, here are a few things to remember about Mt. Scott and Meer’s:

Don’t go out of your way, but if you are in the area, stop by.

If you don’t like dives, or as we call them holes in the walls, this restaurant isn’t for you.

They only take cash, but do have an ATM machine for your convenience.

Make sure all of your party is with you or you will earn the ire of the hostess and will not be seated until the entire party is present and accounted for.

And split the cheeseburger with someone and save more room for the Peach Cobbler and Ice Cream.

You won’t regret it!

Until next time…





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