I’m on Fire!

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Have you ever had a week when all of the stars aligned and everything went just right? Well, this week was one of those weeks for me. I tell you, I’m on fire!  Well, as far as shopping goes.

My good friend Doris sells Mary Kay and brought some limited edition items to Pokeeno for us to look at. I picked up the perfect blush! It’s not too pink and it’s not too peach. It’s Perfect. I love it! So much so, that I called and ordered two more. I mean, it is a limited edition!

But the deals didn’t stop there!

My friend J called and wanted me to help her refresh our friend S’s bathroom for her birthday. Yes, please!

We found almost everything we needed at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I was shocked.

Her bathroom turned out so pretty!

Wednesday, after I finished cleaning the house and the laundry, I was bored out of my mind. It was time for me to get creative. I made these photo holders out of old salt and pepper shakers, wire and old jewelry pieces that I had lying around. Nothing better than updating your accessories for free!

Thursday was errand day. I needed hair product and headed to Marshall’s. I found the perfect chair for my BFF Roxanne’s little girl room. If you missed what we did  to her room, you can see it here. 

Isn’t it beautiful? I love the color, so rich! She loved it too. BFF Rox bought this chair and it was sitting in her room a few short hours later. No flies on that girl!  I will apologize to her hubby later. LOL

On my way to the register to pay for my hair product, I saw this Mudpie salsa dish on sale for $10!!! I love Mudpie. I have to tell you that this made my entire day!

There are two things that I love to wear.  Cute shoes and fun jewelry. I firmly believe that If you have great shoes and fun jewelry you can wear Walmart and look good. No offense to Walmart!

Have you heard of Baublebar?  I love them, but sometimes they can be a bit pricey for fun jewelry. Great news, Baublebar has a line, Sugarfix, at Target.  I scored these beauties today and plan on purchasing a few more pairs in the future. Love. Them.

If all of the above awesome purchases weren’t enough to convince you that the stars are aligned, I found the perfect house for sale and I’m not even looking for a new house!

See? Told you I’m on fire!

I promise that I have been doing a lot more than just shopping. I have a few projects in the works, they are just turning into the never ending project. Hopefully, I will get them done soon!

I received a package in the mail on Monday that made me so happy! Karianne Wood’s new book!!!! I can’t tell you how good it is. Well, actually, I can! And I promise too soon.

Until next time!



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