Making Office Organization

My  youngest sweet sister is a minister. A year ago, her daughter got married and moved out of the house. Which left an empty bedroom available for my sister to make into a home office. Over the past year, sister has been collecting pieces to make her office functional and fun. Today we are sharing how we’ve been making office organization for her. The cute kind!


What could be more functional or cute than a gate?  A couple of coats of seaside spray paint and the gate  was ready to go!


I know that I may have lost you with the gate, but stay with me.

We will get there. Promise!

I also had these hanging baskets gathering dust in a closet.

ribbon and tags

Along with these tags and cute ribbon.


The only things I bought for this project, besides a can of spray paint, were these cute pails.

So what did I do with it all?

making office organization

I made vertical office organization!


My sisters office has chocolate brown walls.

The new turquoise paint on the gate will really pop off of that color.

These hanging baskets were the perfect size to hang off of the fence.

Not only are they the perfect size, but they can really hold a lot.

Books, files, and binders.making office organization

On the side of the baskets, I hung these cute pails to hold pens, pencils, highlighters, and scissors.


These cute pails are tied onto the gate with ribbon.

I could have used “S” hooks , but I wanted to add a little color.

Plus, Seester number 3 is very girlie.

She does love a little cheetah print and some bling.

Want to know the cool thing about the hanging baskets and pails?

They can be arranged in any combination.

So functional!

And it doesn’t have much a footprint at all.

Love that!

Wouldn’t this piece be great in a craft room?

This piece is proof that making office organization doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be fun!

Until next time…..




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