How to Make Cute Baby Burp Cloths

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Seems like everyone is having babies!  I always try to have a few things on hand for the last minute gift – last minute meaning “Oh, dang! I forgot!” I still want the last minute gift to be cute and not look like I forgot, ya know? So I make really cute baby burp cloths! And since I love you so much, I am gonna share with you  how to make cute baby burp cloths!


Baby Burp Cloths


You will need:

1.  Diapers.  I always buy them in a package of 10 – so that I can make a bunch up at one time – and I usually buy the Gerber 3 ply diapers.  You will need the ones that are thicker in the  middle.

2.  Material.  Buy good material!  I want my cute burp cloths to look cute AFTER they have been washed!  Cheap material means that usually it’s gonna  look BAD after a good washing and let’s face it – you are gonna wash these, a LOT!

3. Thread.  You can go two ways here.  Thread to match the material, so that after sewn it “disappears” OR a contrasting thread color so that you can see it when sewn.  It’s all personal preference.  I have done both.

4. Embellishments.  Today I have used some trim that I know will wash well… when choosing trim for your cute burp cloths, remember that you will wash them over and over.  I also am lucky enough that my BFF has an embroidery machine and is will to occasionally monogram these for me.  Really the sky is the limit here!  Use your imagination!

5. Sewing machine, pins, and scissors.



Baby burp cloths 1


Lay your material out wrong side up.  Lay one diaper on top of the material.


baby burp cloth 3


Cute the material around the diaper.   Now here is where you will add your trim if you are going to have any.  Pin it to the right side of the material. Sew on the trim.


baby burp cloth 4


Pin the diaper to the right side of the material. This is important because after sewing the diaper to the material you will turn it inside out.  After turning, the right side should be on the outside.


baby burp cloth 6


Using a 5/8 inch seam, sew all the way around leaving a 3″ to 4″ opening for you to be able to turn the cute burp cloth right side out.  This is important!  Don’t sew it shut!  After you have finished the sewing, turn right side out.


baby burp cloth 7


Iron the cute burp cloth, making sure that the opening that you used to turn the cloth’s edges are tucked in even with the edge of the the cloth.  Now sew a 1/4″ seam all the way around.  This will close your opening and sew the diaper and material together making it lie flat. Iron the cute burp cloth again to give it that crisp finished look.


baby burp cloth 8


That’s it! You are done.  That is how to make cute baby burp cloths!


baby burp cloth 9


Here are a few that I have already made.  No trim here but the material is so darn cute that you don’t need any!


I give this a beginning experience level.  These would be a perfect project if you are just learning to sew.


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