Bats and Brooms On The Front Porch

I’ve got bats and brooms on the front porch! Well, I’ve got a few other things too. Like pumpkins, cats and spooky lights!

brooms and bats on the front porch

I always love decorating for Halloween. It’s such a fun time of the year. For the first time, in a long time, I changed up the front porch decor. Come on in and see!

brooms and bats on the front porch

Last week, I shared with you how to make a broom parking sign and how to make a witch’s broom.

If you missed those, you can see them here and here.

Obviously, both of these are new to the castle.


For the front door, I  hung this this light up wreath that I made  last year.

I love how the bright orange color pops off the front door.

brooms and bats on the front porch

The front door border is new to the front porch, however it’s not new to the castle.

Almost all of this was used to decorate the stairwell banister.

The creepy black gauze lights up, which showcases the bats, spiders and webs perfectly.

Only there was  a big problem with it on the banister.

It didn’t show up!

So, locating it to the front door area was the perfect solution.

Not only does it show up, it matches the broom parking sign perfectly.

door bell

Next up, my Halloween door bell which is my favorite thing on the front porch!

Just push the button and the eye ball area ,which is normal covered, swings open and a lighted eye ball appears.

You’ll hear a pretty “ding dong”, followed by a creepy voice that asks you several questions as the eye rolls around.

You rang?

Pretty creepy, yet really fun!

garden flag

Last, but not least, a fun garden flag welcomes all who dare to enter.

Who doesn’t love a fun black cat and a silly jack-o-lantern?

brooms and bats on the front porch

Brooms and bats on the the front porch are super fun, colorful and hopefully will welcome all of our Halloween visitors!

Until next time….


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