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How To Make A Witch’s Broom

Last week I made the cutest broom parking sign. However, it’s been raining too much to even think of putting it out, until today. With a brief window of time before the next round of rain, I knew it was time to put out this sweet sign. Now that the broom parking sign is hung, all that is missing are a few witch’s brooms to park! Today I’m sharing how to make a witch’s broom.

How to make a witch's broom

Much to my surprise, making a witch’s broom was super easy and a lot of fun!


For a handle, I used a few crooked limbs from a tree we cut down earlier this year.


Raffia is the perfect material to make the broom’s bristles.

how to make a witch's broomOnce I took the raffia from the bag, it was super long.

After cutting it in half, I determined where I wanted my boom bristles to be placed on the handle.

I laid down half of my raffia, the placed the broom handle on top of the raffia.

Then, I placed the remaining raffia on top of the broom handle.

It’s important to place the raffia going the opposite direction that you want it to hang permanently.


Using a couple of pieces of your raffia,  tightly tie a piece around the raffia bundle about 6 inches down from the top.

How to make a witch's broom

Next, put your “broom” right side up.

Gently, start pulling your raffia down, forming the top of your brooms bristles.

How to make a witch's broom

The top of the bristles should look like this.

Again, using a couple of pieces of raffia, tightly tie a piece about  6 inches down from the top.

witch's broom

The witch’s broom is done!

Now, I could have left it alone and called it done, but I felt like we could make these brooms much cuter!


Using a few embellishments, like ribbon and spiders, I tricked this broom out!

witch's broom

So, what do you think?

Didn’t they turn out cute?

How to make a witch's broom

I loved the broom parking area so much, I decided to go ahead and decorate the rest of the front porch.

I’ll be sharing that with you soon!

Until next time….





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