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I can’t believe it. Beep is almost one year old. Please, stop time! I’ll say this, birthday parties sure have changed since my boys were small. A few friends, family and a Big Bird birthday cake were all we generally had. Today, it’s more of an extravaganza! Beep’s party theme is Boho. Lots of florals, feathers and bling. We even have a special place to hold the gifts. Beep’s Tee Pee!

birthday invitation

Once my niece, Laura, had chosen her theme. Her elves, Granny, GT, and Aunt T, got busy helping Mom make the extravaganza happen. We started with these sweet hand made invitations.


Aren’t they sweet?

Sorry, we had to cover up pertinent information!


As the party  planning commenced, the idea came up to have a tee pee for a place to hold all of the gifts.

Cute idea!

So we decided to make one.

I chose a” how to make a toddler tee pee” on Pinterest.

Bought the listed supplies.

Cut out a pattern. ( which was harder than it sounds due to the fact that the measurements were in centimeters not inches!)

A math wizard I am not.

Thank goodness for The Hubs!

Once all of these things were done I began sewing.

And pulling my hair out.

Beeps tee pee

Parts of the pattern were the wrong measurements.

Big time.

If I hadn’t been a sewing person, this would have been a big challenge.

However, once I got through all of the hair pulling, I think it turned out okay!

I’ve set it up today, just to share with you.

The front of the tee pee has multi colored fabrics and a fun “head dress”.

Beep's Tee Pee

It has velcro ties that release in case Beep wants a little privacy.

tee pee topper

Honestly, the head dress is my favorite part of Beep’s tee pee.

It is the epitome of the Boho theme.

Lots of floral, gold and feathers!

tee pee window

One side has a window!

Complete with curtains.

tee pee banner

Since it was so white in color, we decide to add a banner using the scraps from all of the other materials.

Beeps tee pee

All I can say is that I am so glad that Beep’s tee pee is done!

I can’t wait to share the entire birthday extravaganza with you.

Because you know we aren’t done.

Yes, we have lost our minds!!!

Until next time….



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