Finishing the Dining Room

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After getting a new rug recently, finishing the dining room decor has become a priority.

If you missed me sharing my new rug with you, you can see it here.  I’ve been trying to add in the magenta/ hot pink color that is in the rug to the rest of the dining room. Just pops of color here and there. For a very long time the room has been neutrals with shades of blues.

I added a new floral arrangement.

I love peonies.  Hydrangeas and Peonies are my favorite summer flowers. While these aren’t hot pink, they do have a little hot pink in them.

I shared with you earlier how I painted a splash of pink onto napkins. You can see those here.

After a recent trip to Oklahoma, I came home to curtains that the cat decided to destroy. Apparently, it was her way of saying that I haven’t been home enough. Grrr… The destruction was only on the bottom of the curtains, so I washed them and added hot pink material to the bottom.

It was pretty, but I felt like something was missing.

It definitely needed some trim. Like my Granny used to say “slap some lipstick on it!”

So I added some navy pom pom trim to the curtains with liquid stitch. If you haven’t used liquid stitch before, it’s awesome for gluing fabrics together. I love that once dry, it is flexible.

If you look hard, you can see some white glue. Not to worry, it dries clear. Thank goodness, or I would be in a lot of trouble! I can paint a straight line all day long, but can’t seem to put out a straight bead of glue.

Much better! I really wasn’t sure that I liked the curtains all that much before adding the trim.  Now I feel like they have always been that way. Which for me is a true test of whether or not I like them!

I would love to say that finishing the dining room was in my rear view mirror, but that would be a lie. As I was taking pictures of my dining room that I thought  was finished, it occurred to me that the walls need to be repainted. The rest of the room really isn’t an Old World style any more.

A Queen’s work is never done in her castle!


Tammy from Patina and Paint

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