Before and After….

Arm chair collage


I couldn’t wait to show you my before and after pictures of my latest find. My good friends Laura and Nichola work for a school that was having a garage sale.  They gave me a call and said “Can you use these and do you want them?”


armchair 2


Oh, yeah…. and there were a pair of them!  Girl Squeal!  At $20.00 each they were a steal.  Not so pretty now, but these girls had great bones.


arm chair 3


I took them down to bare bones – being sure to take pictures along the way so that I would know how to put them back together.  I always THINK that I am going to remember the sequence, but I don’t.  Let’s face it, some days I barely remember what I ate for breakfast!

I checked to make sure that the foam and batting were in good shape, which they were.  No replacements needed.   I spray painted the arms and legs  a shiny white to match the navy and white fabric I found to recover them.  If you live in the DFW area, you must go to Home Fabric and Rug in the HEB area and check out them out.  Their fabrics are always below market price and a couple of times a year they have an awesome sale that has designer fabrics at rock bottom prices.


armchair 1


Here is the after photo.  I love how the white looks so clean and updated.   I LOVE navy blue… to me, navy goes with everything!  It is a great neutral AND it is my favorite color!  I almost hate that these beauties are going up for sale in the shop…. they really do match my dining room!  Oh well, on to the next project!


Unitl next time…..



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