Great Dresser Knobs for Painted Furniture

Great dresser knobs  for decorative or hand painted furniture are a must.  Really great knobs can make a good, pretty piece of furniture and make it the focal point in the room.  They are like shiny jewelry that dresses up a little black dress. Great knobs are like icing on the cake!

Miss K had gone from a sweet little girls room to a teen room and wanted her bedroom furniture to reflect that.  So we decided that painted bedroom furniture was the best way to go. Before I share the finished painted bedroom furniture pieces with you, I want to show you a little detail that can take painted furniture from just being good – to being great!


dresser knob 3


Here is what we started with – a pine dresser, hand painted with a white wash.  Really sweet!  However, not what your teen dreams of in the way of furniture.  And the drawer pulls? Not so much.  Really plain and a little boring. So here is how to make those pulls into something awesome.


Dresser knobs


We took a rubber stamp, a permanent pigment ink stamp pad and the painted dresser knobs.


dresser knobs2


Stamping the dresser knob was a little tricky since the stamp was flat and the dresser knob was not!  However, with a little patience and using a rolling – rocking motion we got the knobs stamped pretty well.  I wasn’t so concerned with it being perfect as the dresser was slightly distressed and made to look a little old.  So if the stamping of the  knobs wasn’t perfect, then that was OK – it matched the rest of the furniture!


dresser knob 6


Here is what we ended up with.  Not too bad! However, the dresser pulls needed a little bling.


dresser knobs 5


I found these at my local Michael’s and thought they would be perfect for our dresser knobs.


dresser knob 7


Here is our finished dresser knob.  A little old and a little bling.  Perfect for this teens room and so easy to do.  These little details can make your painted furniture piece beautiful!

Later this week I will be sharing with you the finished bedroom set – featuring the awesome, rock star dresser knobs featured today. I can’t wait!


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