My Closets are Black Holes!

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CLoset Collage


My Closets are black holes!  For reals.  Here is a warning for you: Danger Will Robinson!  If you are looking for a post about a wonderful, color coded, perfect, pin worthy, “after” closets – well, this isn’t it!  This is about how  a super busy, slightly un-organized gal trying to wrangle in a whole bunch of years of her children’s knick-knack- paddy-crap!

Over the years my boys have moved out of the castle –  and back to the castle.  And out of the castle, and back in…. you get my point.  In some alternate universe I pictured my boys leaving and taking ALL of their “stuff” with them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I love it when they are here but, over time their closets have become worse, not better.  So it was time for an intervention!


Tyler closet


Here is an example of  my black hole “before”.  (Sorry about picture quality, the strange shade on the light gave me some really odd lighting for my photos!) For some reason my “before” pictures really didn’t turn out well.  Conspiracy theory? hmmmm….

First thing first, I pulled everything out of the closet, sorted the stuff by category, threw out the trash and bought plastic containers.  My biggest disappointment in this whole process was that I couldn’t find matching containers in different sizes that matched AND didn’t cost a fortune.   So while I gritted my teeth, I bought the ones that clashed the least.  What can I say?  For a tiny, tiny moment I kinda had an expectation of a “pin worthy” closet!


Tylers closet 4


After loading the bins, I arranged them all on the top shelf and while it was soooooo much better, I realized that I needed to label them.  Yeah, my type A personality was rearing it’s ugly head!


Ryan closet 5


So using my trusty Cricut machine, I cut out the labels and attached them to the bins with super strength industrial double sided tape.  MUCHO Bueno!


Ryan closet 4


Yes!  My closets actually had room for guests to use.  Or for ME to store things in!  I heard birds and angels singing!!!


Ryan closet 7


Until I opened the closet two days later and found this…..huge sigh!  Not so super sticky tape.


Ryan closet 8


So I was forced to do what I really didn’t want to do.  Use packing tape on the outside of the label to attach the tape to the bins.  REALLY not pin worthy but FUNCTIONAL.


Ryan Closet 6


Here are the labels with the packing tape on the outside, and you know what?  You can barely see it!  Bottom line?  My closets are organized, clean and you can actually use them!  Score!

So there you have it.  I won’t be getting “pinned” but I will be using my closets and happy.  So worth it!  I would like to paint the closets and trim work at some point in the future  – but that may be in an alternate universe for a few more years!

Until next time….



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