Bring on Thanksgiving

November is here. Fall is finally in the air here in north Texas. Halloween is in the books. It’s time to bring on Thanksgiving!

In my family, growing up, Thanksgiving was our favorite holiday. So much so, that when I married The Hubs, it was decided that my family got first dibs on Thanksgiving and his family got first dibs on Christmas. This year it is our turn to host my family here at the Castle. Yay!

The day after Halloween found me taking down and putting all things Halloween away. Followed by busting out the Thanksgiving/Fall decor.

I’ll be honest, putting up Thanksgiving decor really doesn’t involve a lot of change as I use the same pumpkins, leaves and candles for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I’m a firm believer in bringing in the smells of fall when I decorate. I won this candle at PoKeeno recently. It’s Marshmallow Fireside. It smells so yummy!  Not only does it smell good, but it’s copper lid is beautiful too!

Both the kitchen and the living room have fall touches here and there. I’m still playing with the mantle. More to come soon.

As you can see, Miss Sadie is still loving the new living room rug.

This is a sneak peek at the dining room table. It may change before Thanksgiving, but right now I’m loving the organic simplicity of it.

I loved my Thanksgiving table last year, so I wanted to use most of the same items for my table.

A sweet friend gave me these tiny boo’s. My velvet pumpkin patch is growing! I love them.

Also new, is the bittersweet vine. I love the color and the twisty turns of it.

The tiny leaf bowls I found on sale recently were perfect for tiny acorn embellishments and for holding salt and pepper shakers.


Of course my favorite thing on the entire table is the napkins that I embellished from last year. The napkins are from the Pioneer woman line. I simply added different trim to each one. Eclectic and elegant at the same time.


The table is set, the house is decorated, the front porch is sporting pumpkins and mums, and we are ready to eat! So bring on Thanksgiving. It is time to give thanks!

Until next time….



  1. There’s nothing better than hosting your favorite holiday. Mine is Christmas, but I sure enjoy your love of both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’m sure your family will enjoy it too. Have fun planning. The table looks great, and I can imagine the smell of that candle.

  2. There you go with my favorite napkins again! I love what you did to the chalkboard. No colored chalk here but I might run in my kitchen and try to copy you. 🙂

    1. Stacey,
      You may be seeing those napkins for years to come – my fav’s too… I would love to see your chalkboard, send pics!

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