Hyperventilating at Michaels

This is the story of two girls hyperventilating at Michaels. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

This is my BFF, Roxanne.  Some would say that we are a lot like Lucy and Ethel. I know that we have been in plenty of “Lucy, you got some splanin’ to do” situations that’s for sure!

Many years ago my BFF and I stopped by Michaels to pick up some paint. In and out.

However, just as we entered Michaels there was an announcement of a  flash sale. A BIG Sale. A 90% off sale of all summer items.

We lost our minds! We grabbed baskets ( 6 in all ) and started filling them to overflowing with strings of lights, bird houses, sun dials, yard statuary, and signs. If it was on sale, it was in our basket!

We had so many baskets full that people thought we worked there and were trying to shop from our baskets.  Let me assure you that a quick end was put to that in a New York minute.

Our hyperventilating hysteria was so contagious that before long the store clerks were yelling at us from the back of the store asking if we wanted metal yard art, door mats and yard stakes!

We bought so much stuff that when we wheeled our baskets, in three trips, to Roxanne’s VW Bug, we realized that it all wouldn’t fit in her car. You can imagine The Hubs reaction when I called him to come and pick me up!

That was a great day and we still laugh about it. I truly believe that everyone should have a least one shopping adventure like that one.

The reason I am sharing my hyperventilating in Michaels story with you is that today, on a quick trip to Michaels for paint, I came across a sale! Not a 90% off sale, but a 70% off and that’s nothing to turn your nose up at.

I found Petunia the perfect pig for my seester T2. She’s into pigs lately.

I found this faux seltzer bottle. So cute!

I’ve been looking for a turkey platter to replace the one I broke a few years ago. This one was under $10.00!

If fits perfectly with my farm house decor.

I picked up these salad plates. I love the navy and white.  They are nothing fancy, but as my Granny used to say “you need meat and potato” dishes too! I bought 8 at about $2.10 each.

I had already picked up this same floral vine earlier in the season and wished that I had bought two. I was so happy to see another one on sale.

Last, but not least, these cute little leaf dishes made my heart melt. They would be great with small treats placed in them! They were .99 cents each.

I didn’t even begin to buy all of the goodies that they had on sale in the Farm decor section.

Baskets, prints, more dishes, cow and rooster place card holders, copper scoops….

If you are thinking that Michaels is paying me to tout their wonderful sale, you would be wrong. I simply want to share a good sale with you, in hopes that you and your BFF are hyperventilating in Michaels!

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  1. Hahahaha, that story is too, too funny! And now you’ve got me reconsidering my turkey platter I was planning to take into the antique mall today. I have an old white vintage one, just love it, and planned on taking it in……hmmm…..
    Who doesn’t love treats?!

    1. I do love a pretty turkey platter too! Even though you only get to use it once a year. You know I have a huge addiction to dishes….

  2. OK, I’m going today!

    Love those moments shopping and I haven’t had very many. One time a zillion years ago my girlfriend and I were at one of those giant pottery type stores…Red River Pottery or something like that. They had a bomb threat and had to evacuate. Of course there was no bomb because that way back in the day when that didn’t actually happen. Everyone who waited it out in the parking lot got 50% off. Strange but true. 🙂

    1. Oh, Stacey! Yikes! A Bomb threat. That is crazy and scary… I’m thinking it would have been worth more than the 50% off, but I would so have taken the discount! Have fun shopping.

  3. That was a joyous day of shopping! I’ll never forget that! But, you know, we’ve had a lot of really fun adventures!

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