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Saddlewood Ct.

It’s been 14 years ago this past April that we moved to Saddlewood Ct. 14 years of Halloween parties, Christmases, Thanksgivings, birthdays, 4th of Julys, BBQ’s with the family and so much more. Through the good times, and the not so great times we’ve loved every minute of it.

Living room

This past December The Hubs decided to retire and we took stock of where we are and where we want to be in the future.

While we love our house, we decided that we needed one story, less to dust, a bigger workshop for The Hubs and a few new decorating projects for me.

Dining room

With all of that in mind, we put our house on the market this week.

So, in honor of our home, I’m sharing her one more time with you.

kitchen dining

The pictures aren’t mine, rather ones that the listing agent had taken.

Black and white kitchen

After I saw the video he took, I told my realtor that I wanted to buy my house. He’s that good!

Main bedroom

At least I know all of the work we did getting the house ready to sell paid off!


It occurred to me as I was looking at the photos that there are a few rooms that I have never shared.

Navy Media room

Not once!

pool table

Some of the rooms I will really miss as they probably won’t be in our new home.

bathroom vanity

I give the photographer props, there are rooms so small that they are almost impossible to photograph, like these bathrooms.

black and white bathroom
bathroom vanity

Never say never, but this will probably be our last pond.

We are great at growing and putting together an eco-system but we can’t keep fish alive for anything.

However, Frogs LOVE us!

craft room/studio

I’ve spent a lot of time in my studio.

I’m gonna miss her!

Pink and navy guest room

However, IF she sells, I know that it’s time to let another family enjoy living here.

guest bedroom

Hopefully, a new family who will love our house as much as we do.

Saddlewood Ct., y’all!

Until next time….

Tammy from Patina and Paint