What Happens at the Christmas Party

What happens at the Christmas party, stays at the Christmas party. Especially the Queen’s Christmas party!

What Happens At the Christmas Party

When the Queens get together it’s always fun, this year was no exception. We ate, laughed, cried, told crazy stories, made a craft and had a cookie exchange.  In other words, a normal night with the Queens!


Before I share all of the craziness with you, I have to give a great big shout out to The Hubs.

I was planning on having a charcuterie board for the Queens, however I didn’t have  a big beautiful board like you see on Pinterest.

10:00 a.m. before the party, I was telling The Hubs that I had looked for one but didn’t find anything that I liked.

Next thing I know, The Hubs has pulled out the most beautiful piece of wood from his stash and has made me the best tray ever!

charcuterie board

Not only does it make an awesome charcuterie board, I think that it would be so pretty on a coffee table with candles on it.

Christmas arrangement

Actually, the list is endless.

Today it’s on my kitchen island rocking this Christmas Arrangement.

So good to be me some days! lol!

'What Happens at the Christmas party

As usual, we always take a picture at the beginning of the night.

This year they were a little blurry, but cute none the less!

woman with box

After we ate, we did a make and take.

We made jingle all the way shadow boxes.


Each Queen brought their own ribbon and jingle bells.


I provided the shadow boxes, paper, and glue.


I love getting a bunch of women together and seeing what they come up with creatively!

Talk about inspiration!


No too boxes were alike, however each one is beautiful in it’s own way!

cookie swap

At the end of the evening, it was time to swap cookies.

The cookies were soooo good!

The Hubs is very thankful that I hang out with women who know how to bake!

What Happens At the Christmas Party

That’s the highlights of the 2018 Queen’s Christmas Party.

I promised that I would keep some things amongst just us Queens, because like the sign says, What Happens at the Christmas party, stays at the Christmas party!

Especially The Queen’s Christmas Party.

Merry Christmas from The Queens!






  1. How fun….and that board he did for you is out of this world. I am having a Christmas party for my Bunco ladies and would love to have a great board for my snacks. If Mr. Sweet was still here, he would have one for me in a flash. I will jusst use a cutting board for a few things, along with Christmas plates.

    1. BJ I was going to use a cutting board and plates too, which I think will be absolutely darling – especially since you are so creative! Please post so I can see what it looks like.

  2. I love everything about this gathering! There’s nothing better than time with girlfriends…I mean fellow queens. 🙂

    Where did you get the cute shadow boxes? So fun!

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