Christmas in July Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree cutout with candle

Hey y’all! Today is the Creative Craft Blog hop! I’m so excited for this month because I’m sharing a Christmas in July Christmas tree. It’s super easy and a ton of fun to make.

Creative Craft Hop GraphicThanks to Sara from Birdz Of A Feather for hosting this hop, I always get a lot of inspiration from this hop and hope that you do too.

If you are visiting here from Sara’s, welcome! I’m so glad that you are here.

So recently I saw two of the prettiest Christmas  trees that I have seen in a long time.

This one from Decor Steals, which I am in love with but it doesn’t match my Christmas decor.

And this one from Terrie over at Decorate And More With Tip!

I love BOTH of them.

As I was looking at both of them I wondered what would happen if these Christmas trees had a baby?

Christmas in July Christmas tree

Well, I like to think that it would look like this!

Christmas Tree Craft Supplies

Here’s what you will need to make my Christmas in July Christmas tree:

Wood signs from the Dollar tree

Tree Cut Out with base – I had The Hubs cut mine out , but you can find affordable ones here.

One BBQ skewer or small dowel rod

Wood Glue

Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Acrylic Paint and Paint Brushes



sawing a piece of wood

Cut Out Wood Pieces

Since The Hubs cut out my Christmas trees and it’s base all I needed was another bigger piece of wood that would help my trees stand up.

So I had a couple of hanging wooden signs from the Dollar Tree and decided to cut a few pieces of wood out of those.

I cut 3 pieces total.

1 – 4″ piece of wood.  This will be the base to help it stand up.

2 – 1″ pieces from a BBQ skewer or dowel rod

Now what if you don’t feel comfortable with a saw?

Buy balsa wood and use a craft knife to cut out these pieces.

Painting a wooden tree gold


Now for the fun part!

Take your cut out tree and paint it white, making sure to paint both sides.

Next, paint the solid tree gold on both sides.

My favorite gold paint is DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics.

Seriously, in most cases one coat covers what other paints take several coats!

Paint both pieces of base white.

Paint the 1″ pieces of BBQ skewer gold.

adding glitter to wooden tree cutout

Add Glitter

Take the cut out tree and add glitter.

I added a second coat of white paint, a section at a time, and sprinkled glitter on top.

However, you could use Mod Podge or glue.

wooden tree base


Now it’s time to assemble the trees.

Step one: Glue the tree base to the front edge of the wooden base piece.

applying hot glue

Step two: Once the base has dried, put a bead of hot glue and wood glue into the slot that holds the tree. The hot glue will help hold the tree until the wood glue dries.

Christmas tree base

Add the cutout tree.

TIP: I put a block of wood behind the tree to help it stay in place until the glue dried.

dowels at the tree base


Step three: When the cut out tree’s glue has dried it’s time to add the solid tree.  Find the center of the base at the back and the center of your tree. Glue a 1″ piece of dowel onto the back edge of the base, centering both.

Adding dowels to the base of the tree

Next, glue the tree to the base, matching the center and pushing the tree base against the 1″ piece of wood.

Then glue the second 1″ piece of wood at the base on the front of the tree.

This will help keep the tree upright.

Paint any touch ups that are needed once glue has thoroughly dried.

Tip: If any unwanted paint is on the edges, you can use a brown or black sharpie to cover up the paint.

Christmas in July Christmas tree

Your Christmas in July Christmas tree is complete!

Christmas Tree decoration

Add a candle and your Christmas tree is ready to use.

This tree would be so pretty as part of a centerpiece on a coffee table, on a kitchen cabinet or even on a Mantle.

Now please join me in hopping over to Jenna’s at  The Painted Apron, I can’t wait to see  her Gingerbread Ornament!

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Until next time….


Christmas In July Christmas Tree

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  1. This is so cute Tammy! I love the exaggerated 3D look and the gold and white. Plus so many different ways you can style it! The inspiration trees are gorgeous too, and so clever to take those ideas and make something of your own! This year seems to be flying by and Christmas will be here before we know it!

    1. Thanks Jenna! Yo are so right, I feel like this year is flying by…I told my husband that I needed a few more trees so that I cold start on them to be ready by Christmas.

  2. How unique, Tammy, to create a baby image of Christmas tree inspirations! I think you’ve coined a new phrase in creativity – which I love! Your tree looks fabulous and perfect for the holiday season!

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