Master Bedroom Refresh



Master Bedroom Refresh

Yay! It’s time for another One Room At A Time. This time we are doing a Master bedroom refresh and I am so here for it!

master bedroom refresh

Current Master Bedroom Look

When we decided that we would be doing our Master Bedrooms, I went into my room to look and see what it needed.

I was a little shocked to see that I really hadn’t done anything much for three years.

Only 2 things were hung on the walls – which may be a new record for me- and I hadn’t updated anything in quite some time.

master bedroom fabric

Master Plans

So here’s the plan for my Master bedroom refresh.

I’m keeping my Bedding.

Since it’s in great shape and I love it, it really doesn’t make sense to change it up.

However, I will be adding some new things like sheets, throw pillows etc.

I will be using this blue cashmere buffalo check fabric throughout the room and for some new pillows.

headboard in master bedroom


I will be placing new artwork and architectural pieces on the wall above the bed and around the room.

No more bare walls!


Night Stands

I’ll be honest, I would love to get new lamps.

These are vintage and while I love them I would like to get matching ones for both sides of the bed.

However, I’ve been looking and so far any that I love are way out of my budget.

So those may stay.

Also, I’m going to be looking to see if I can’t find a better solution to all of the charging cords.

My issue is that charging stations are either huge or ugly.

So we shall see what comes of this.

hope chest

Paint furniture

I have three different colors of furniture in my room.

The bed is white.

Nightstands are white with a cherry stained top.

High chest of drawers and dresser are cherry.

The hope chest and armoire are painted gray.

The easiest way to make everything more coordinated is to paint the hope chest and the Armoire white.

So that’s in the works for sure!

master bedroom refresh

Things I’d Like To Change But Can’t

I’d LOVE to get new blinds.

The duet blinds we have now are old.

They are dust and bug catchers and let in so much light that there is never a time when we will be sleeping in!

However, these are custom sized windows and that means it will cost more than the budget allows to replace them at this time.

bedroom door and window

Next in the replacement or addition wish column is putting a window in the opening above the bathroom door.

It’s got molding, but is wide open,

So even if the bathroom doors are closed you hear everything going on in the bathroom.

Again, that’s for another day.

And the last thing on my list – painting the ceiling and walls.

Probably in my budget but there are 2 things that I hate to paint and would rather get root canals or birth babies before painting them – ceilings and dining room chairs.

Plus, there is nothing really wrong with the paint or the wall color.

master bedroom refresh

That completes my plans for my master bedroom refresh.

Please check in both here and on my Facebook page to see the room transform all of next week.

Also, don’t forget to visit the other girls to see how their rooms are coming along!

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Until next time…



Master Bedroom Refresh

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  1. Tammy the room looks great as is!!
    Can’t wait to see what you do.
    And by the way I’m with you on painting kitchen chairs , I hate it so much!

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