Organizing the Wrapping Closet

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With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been trying to get a few things organized before the season begins. It became clear that organizing the wrapping closet was at the top of my list!

I pulled out all the the Christmas paper, boxes, bows and sacks so that I could see what needed to be bought for the up coming season. What a mess!!!

I started by cleaning out the closet. Any paper, bow, box or sack that did not have a Christmas theme found a new home in the lower drawers.

Next, I threw away rolls of paper and ribbon that had less than 6 inches of product on them . I have to remind myself that I am NOT going to use every little scrap.

I truly love having my ribbon hanging up so that I can see all of my choices. Much better than the boxes and sacks that I used to work out of!

I am almost embarrassed to share the next organizational item with you as it shows just how crazy OCD I really am. In my defense, I saw it on Pinterest and in a weak moment thought it was an awesome idea.

So what is it? Hanging your tissue paper.

I honestly love and hate this idea equally. It is a pain to take the tissue and individually fold each piece and hang it on the hanger.

However,it makes wrapping a breeze. I can instantly see what colors and patterns I have. It is super simple to just grab a few sheets at a time, instead of dragging out all of your tissue paper.

I LOVE it. After it’s hung.

I keep all of my sacks in a plastic bin. Super easy access and I can see what I’ve got at a glance.

All boxes are kept in the antique trunk you see in the lower right hand of the pic.

Once I finished all of the organizing that you can see, it was time to organize what you can’t see – the drawers !

Again, only Christmas tags, small bags, and embellishments go in the top drawer.


TA DA!!!  My wrapping station is clean and organized. Bring on the gifts, Im ready to help Santa out! Organizing the wrapping closet was so worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tammy from Patina and Paint

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