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Coffee Bar At the Castle

We have a new coffee bar at the castle! I have to admit, I’m not usually one for having everything all out on display. I’m usually more is less kinda gal when it comes to functional stuff being out on the counter. But downsizing is hard. Space is at a premium. So, it only made sense to marry functionality with pretty.

It all started when The Hubs coffee maker died. Let me preface this with the fact that The Hubs is picky about his coffee. Not judging, I’m pretty picky about my morning cup of tea too. No pre-grinded, stale coffee for him. No sir, we buy beans that we grind our self. We make sure the water temperature is perfect, we like filtered water, etc. I won’t bore you with the rest, just know that he enjoys a great cup of coffee. 

When he decided to do pour over coffee, which doesn’t require a machine, I asked if we couldn’t get a pod style coffee maker. That way when we have guests, everyone gets to choose whether they would like coffee, tea or hot chocolate! It was a win for everyone. As you can see, I quickly set about organizing the pods. I knew that throwing them into a big container, or putting them on a rack would drive me crazy. This drawer organization system was the perfect solution. More on that later!

I’d been struggling with what decor to put on this buffet in breakfast room for awhile. After much thought, I knew that a cute coffee station would be perfect here. Our coffee and tea would be just steps from the kitchen and right next to the breakfast room table.

Not only is the coffee bar cute, it also has a lot of functionality. Since I drink hot tea instead of coffee, I needed to be sure that there was plenty of room for not only coffee stuff, but everything tea too.
Thankfully, there is plenty of room for both.

My cream and sugar, coffee mugs, napkins, spoons, and tea bag holder all fit nicely on – or in – the buffet with plenty of room to spare.

I have to confess that there is only one thing that I don’t like about the new coffee bar. The weird intercom system that you see to the left above the coffee maker. I have plans to say good-bye to that soon!

Best of all, I get to keep my chalkboard! At least for now.
I cannot tell you how much we are enjoying the new coffee bar at the castle. It’s the best way to start the morning!
Until next time…

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