Laissez Le Bon Temp Rouler

Laissez le bon temps rouler! Let the Good times roll. Happy Mardi Gras my friends.

I don’t do a lot of decorating for Mardi Gras, but I can never resist doing a little here and there at the Castle.

A wreath on the front door, some decor in the entry. Maybe even on the mantel. Or a festively decorated table or two.

But we always celebrate the day with King Cake. 

First of all, did you know that here in the United States Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is a coastal celebration of the Three Wise Men finding the baby Jesus? Which is why you will most always find a baby hidden somewhere in the King Cake.
It is also a seasonal celebration that begins on January 6, which is The Epiphany. The Mardi Gras season lasts all the way through Fat Tuesday, which is the day before Lent.

Sometimes, instead of a baby you might even find a bean. In some areas, finding the baby is a sign of good luck for the coming year, or it means that the lucky finder is responsible for bringing the King Cake to the celebration next year.

Along with the baby you might see all sorts of treasures, like plastic rings or coins, hidden inside.These treasures represent the gifts that the Kings gave to the baby. It is also why you will find beads and coins decorating the top of the cakes. Every year I make King Cakes to share with friends and family.

On a funny note, I bought these babies on sale last year. My youngest son sent me a text that read something like this: MOM! What the heck? Why are Donald Trump babies hidden in the cakes this year?

LOL! Well, I have to admit that they do bear a certain resemblance…Oh, well, I bought a ton of them because – I make a lot of Kings Cakes every year AND they were on sale for .88 cents a dozen. So we will be seeing Trump babies for quite awhile! I made a total of 8 this year. 4 mini cakes and 4 big ones. Whole lota bakin’ goin on!

As you might guess, my favorite part of making King Cake is the decorating.Well, and the eating too…

Traditionally King Cakes are oval shaped to show the unity of all Christians. Almost always the colors green, yellow and purple are used because they are the official carnival colors.

Green represents Faith.
Purple represents Justice.
And yellow represents Power.

Have you ever been to a Mardi Gras parade? If you haven’t, get yourself to one soon. So much fun, so many beads, so much food! My husband’s best friend is from Biloxi and many years ago we attended not only a parade but also ball as their guests. I have not been to such a wonderful event hosted by fabulously gracious people since and probably never will again! Truly a fun, family event. Our boys, who were 7 and 5 at the time, still remember that parade. No Bourbon Street or boobs, which was fine with me!

Did I mention how much I love eating King Cake? All I can say is that thank goodness it only comes around once a year!

The breakfast of champions my friends. And maybe lunch…snack… dessert?

LOl! Again – Happy Mardi Gras.

Laissez le bon temp rouler, y’all!

Until next time…..

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