Holiday Home Tour – part 1

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and decided to share my Christmas home tour!

I resisted sharing my home with you this year, mainly because my knee surgery has slowed me WAY down. So much so that I didn’t even put everything out this year. I know that the Hubs is laughing as he reads this. I cut back, but I’m sure he doesn’t think so!

My Christmas tree. You won’t find a picture perfect tree in my house.  I change out the ribbon and the wrapping paper every year, but I still use the same mish- mash of ornaments that we started buying the first year we were married.  The tree is as much a memory tree for me, as it is a Christmas tree. I love it.

The fireplace mantle is one of the areas that I didn’t get to bling out as much as I usually do.  Sadly, one of my ornament holders broke as I was putting it out, so I have a feeling next year the mantle will be significantly different! I’ve taped and glued, nothing is going to fix it.

I always put a tiny tree in the powder room. This year instead of a regular tree, I chose to use my Snowman tree. He has LED lights attached to his branches that slowly change colors. He is one happy guy!

The monogram towels are new this year. A gift from a sweet friend. You all know I love a monogram!

Just off of the living room is the kitchen and eating area. If you follow me at all, you know that I will be decorating my buffet and my chalk board no matter what.

I love the rosemary topiary by the chalk board. It’s a bonus that it smells heavenly and looks good too.

My buffet is filled with  Christmas dishes and fun decorations. This Santa was the first Christmas decoration that my eldest son had to have at the age of one!

Santa are tucked in everywhere on the buffet.

I seem to have a good size collection of them, even though I don’t go out of my way to collect them.

The kitchen is my work horse, so I add a little Christmas here and there, but keep it pretty simple.

Some reindeer with tea lights and poinsettias dress up my kitchen window.

The elves have taken over the other side of the kitchen.  That can’t be good!
I shared my dining room with you here. If you missed it be sure and check it out! It is one of my favorite rooms this year.

That’s it for the downstairs in my Christmas home tour. I’ll be sharing the rest of my home with you soon. Until then, I hope that you are all enjoying your home during this wonderful season.

Merry Christmas!




  1. Wow, Tammy, looks like you’d put many of us to shame if you HADN’T had knee surgery! It looks amazing in your living room especially. I’m so glad to have read your tutorial on the ribbon for the tree. I love how mine turned out this year, and I’ll likely repeat that. I love the idea of different ribbons each year.
    Merry Christmas, and I hope you’re healing well. Tough time to be down!

    1. Thank you Rita! I think Christmas is my Holiday, so I love to decorate. Plus, My sister’s came for a visit and I put them to work!lol! Glad that the ribbon tutorial helped! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Stacey! I think that your move exempts you from too much decorating this year. I can’t wait to see what you do next year in your new home. Merry Christmas!

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