DIY Chandelier Before and After

Chandy B & A

Apparently, shopping runs in my family!  Who knew? My sweet seester T shops for shoes – a lot! If you were looking at all of the shoes in her closet you would know that she’s really good at it. My sweet seester D always finds exactly the right present for everyone.  Me? Y’all know I shop for all things home decor. Lately, my seester D has found some amazing home items at really awesome prices. One of  her most recent finds was a chandelier -which she gave to me to give it a little makeover. I can’t wait to share my DIY chandelier before and after  with you.

Chandy 3

This is it.. not bad as it was, but lately I have been seeing chandies that  have been painted with bling added to them. I just had to try it.

This baby was going shabby chic, so y’all know I was going to paint it!

I always get so excited at the beginning of a project that I almost always forget to take the “before” photo! I had the chandy taped and ready to paint before I caught myself!

TIP: To spray paint this, it was easier to hang in the tree for the spray painting part – yeah… just my kind of crazy! I know the neighbors thought so. The only tree that had branches low enough for me to hang it from was in the front yard! ( Don’t tell the HOA!)

Chandy 4

Here it is after spray painting it white and a light sanding to distress it for that shabby chic look. Now to add the bling!


Woo hoo! Here it is with all the bling added.  Not too shabby! ( as I write that I hear Adam Sandler’s voice singing the Hanukkah song! I can’t help it!)  The hardest part about adding the bling was deciding where I wanted to put it. I was scared to drill the holes to hang the bling from in case I changed my mind where I wanted to hang the bling. I quickly got over that and decided to just go with it.  You know what? I like it!

Chandy 1

Here is a closer look… the only thing that I am thinking of changing is the white sleeves below the bulbs. The faux “burnt” look kinda bugs me…  They came this way new. I know that they are suppose to be shabby chic, but this feels a little too shabby to me. I’m gonna live with it awhile and see if it grows on me.

I can’t wait to try another one, only this time I want to do it in a really bright color. Turquoise? Red? Kelly Green? I also think this chandy would look great with the round bulbs that are trending right now.  Change the bulbs, change the look. Really the options are endless. Which I totally love!

This was a really fun project for me. It wasn’t too difficult and didn’t take me but parts of two days. If you are thinking of making one yourself, don’t be scared like me – just drill away!

Until next time…


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