Mirror In the Master Bedroom

Mirror 6

I have another addition to the master bedroom. A mirror. Last fall I took out the mirror above my dresser because it was just too dated.  I knew that I wanted a mirror in the master bedroom… just not above the dresser.  I just hadn’t found the right one.


I knew I wanted a starburst mirror or something similar, but if I found one -it was too big or way too small. I was starting to feel like Goldilocks…. I had time to kill so I went into Kirkland’s and I found this one. Not exactly what I had in mind, but the size was right.

Mirror 1

And the price? Well, not only was it marked down to $8.97 I also had a 15% off coupon for my birthday. It was practically free! It was the wrong color….but did I mention the price?

Mirror 2

The color, I could fix. I could have used my fav Rustoleum gold spray paint, but I have been a gold spray painting’ freak lately and it was all gone.  Must. Restock! So I went old school. Rub and buff to the rescue. I used the color gold leaf. It took me a little while but so worth it.


Mirror 3

I decided to hang the mirror here, above my bed.  I had black ironwork hanging there for a very long time. There was really nothing wrong with it, I was just ready for a change.

Mirror 4

Not bad. Not bad at all. My only complaint would be that I wanted something a little “heavier” but it is spring so light and airy works for me.

Mirror 5

Here is another angle.  I like it. Proof that such a small change makes a big difference.  Makes me wonder what else in my house needs a tiny update..

Now I just need to decide what to do with my outdated furniture… One day I WILL redecorate a room all at one time!!! For reals.

Until next time…..



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