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Happy first Wednesday of May! I am so glad that you are here. I have to admit that when Terrie, our challenge master from Decorate And More With Tip, gave us the challenge of making something out of concrete my mind went blank. However, after hitting Pinterest and finding this DIY Concrete Balloon Container I knew I had to make one!

Welcome to May’s DIY Challenge.

If you are coming here from Gail’s at Purple Hues and Me, welcome, I’m so happy that you are here.

When you are finished here be sure and visit all of the other DIY Challenge participants.

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Supplies to make a concrete container





Acrylic Paint and Paint brushes

Gauze ( shown above is an ACE bandage, ignore that!) cut into 6″ to 8 ” strips

A bucket or bowl to mix the concrete in.


sifting concrete

Step 1

If you are using concrete you may be able to skip this step.

However, I used Quick-crete and it has tiny little rocks in it.

Big shout out to The Hubs for being my hand model.

It’s hard to take pictures when you need both hands.

Sift the concrete to remove any stones.

Mixing concrete

Then mix the concrete and water to a consistency of pancake batter.

Be sure to use a bucket or bowl that you don’t mind messing up!

Concrete and gauze over a balloon

Step 2

Blow up your balloon to the desired size.

I used 12″ balloons and let me tell you my concrete container is huge.

WAY bigger than I imagined.

Then dip your gauze strips into the concrete and lay them across your balloon.

Keep repeating this step until you have as much or as little of the balloon covered as you would like.

Let this dry overnight.

Sorry, I swore I took pictures of this part, but apparently not.

adding concrete to a concrete container

Step 3

Mix another batch of concrete and water together in the same consistency as in Step 2.

Using your hand or a putty knife add another layer of concrete to the  sphere you created yesterday.

Again, let dry over night.

Removing a balloon from a concrete sphere

Step 4

Now you are ready to pop the ballon.

Remove all balloon pieces from inside of your sphere.

If you look closely at the bottom of the sphere you can see where I missed putting a second layer on a couple of areas.

No worries.

I simply cut that section off using a craft knife.

It’s already meant to be irregular in shape, so this just added to that look.

This is what my sphere looked like when I was done cleaning up all of the edges and removing the balloon from the inside.

Note: I had a few places that layer one and two hadn’t adhered to each other. I simply glued the two together. Also, you may have some rough edges. I got rid of those using sandpaper.

Painting the interior of a concrete sphere

Step 5

Once you have cleaned up your concrete container, it’s time to paint it.

I started on the inside and painted it gold.

Make sure that you paint the jagged edges of the sphere gold also.

Painting the exterior of a concrete sphere

Step 6

Once the inside paint has dried, paint the outside the color of your choice.

You may have to do this step in two separate sessions – painting the top and then the bottom.

I avoided putting any pressure on the edges of the container since it probably hasn’t completely cured.

Painting a concrete container

To paint the bottom, I used an old pitcher, covered it in a towel and placed the inside of the sphere on top of the pitcher.

Then painted the bottom of my container.

DIY Concrete Balloon Container

Once the paint dried, this is how my DIY concrete balloon container turned out!

Definitely not as smooth and sleek as my inspiration, but I really love it!

I used mine to host a candle – it gives off such a pretty warm glow at night.

However, I’ve seen people make water gardens and use it as a flower pot.

A very versatile piece for sure!

Now, please join me in visiting  Denise at Hootshack and all of the other DIY Challenge participants.

I can’t wait to see what they have made!

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 Until Next time….


DIY Concrete Balloon Container

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    1. Thanks Denise. The hardest part is being patient while it dries. Not my strong suit at all! Have fun!

  1. This turned out really lovely, Tammy! It’s a very versatile accent piece! And the colors gives it a quite unique design when lit! I am surprised that the weight of the concrete didn’t burst the balloon. I once did a project using plaster cloth strips over a balloon and the first couple of balloons popped before I got half way through. I guess they were just cheap balloons.

    1. Gail I totally get where the balloons might burst as you are working on it. The concrete was very heavy. I tried not to blow the balloon up all the way and I think that helped. In fact, just before I was going to pop the balloon, I was moving it around and it did pop. Thank goodness it did so when I wanted it to. However, it did last for several days of me adding concrete to it.

  2. I wish I would have thought about sifting my mortar, I had little rocks that I had to take out after I was placing it on my vase. Great tip Tammy! I love your sphere concrete holder; it looks nice where you placed it out on your porch, and I LOVE the colors you picked to paint it. Great inspirational piece.

    1. Thanks Terrie! I wish that I could say that the sifting of the concrete was my idea, however it was my husbands. As I was getting ready to start, he suggested it and then proceeded to show me how to sift it out. That’s when I took the pictures. ha! But I feel that it did make such a difference by removing the rock. However, I tried to leave some of the tiny rocks in the mix as I know that it helps with the stability.

  3. I absolutely love that idea Tammy !
    Love the colours and it looks expensive!!
    Im going to try this …
    Great job done here!

    1. Thank you so much Teresa! It is a fun project, a little messy, and you need to have patience while it dries. Other than that, it was fairly easy to make.Have a great week!

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