Fairy Lights


Fairy Lights

Happy 10th of May! Of course it’s Under $10 on the 10th and have I got a fun idea for you that involves Fairy Lights. Our theme this month is Gardening or Outdoors. Which is right up my alley this time of year. I’m cleaning, decorating, planting and generally enjoying being outside.

Under $10 on the 10th

In full disclosure I was working on a pretty centerpiece that involved two terra cotta clay pots, candles and flowers. However, it turned out to be a huge fail due to the fact that I needed flowers that come in a 6 pack. There are no flowers anywhere in my area in the six packs this year. So it was back to the drawing board!

Plan B is really so simple that it’s one of those post where I hesitated to even post it, but then I thought why not.

Maybe someone out there needed a simple craft that anyone, at any age can do!

Solar Fairy Light kit


Solar Fairy Lights




Washi Tape

Hot Glue


supplies to build a fairy light


Fairy Light #1

I found my fairy lights here.

( I purchased a pack of 10, however you can get them in various amounts.)

They come in many different colors of lights from white to multi.

For this project I chose the multi.

These fairy lights are compatible with mason jars, so that is what I used.

Mason jar with fairy lights and a twine ribbon

Simply put the lights into the jar and screw on the lid.

Once that was done, I added a jute twine bow.

decorated mason jar

Then added a green flower to the center of the jute bow.

Easy and cute!

Mason jar with fairy light kit and washi tape

Fairy Light #2

The second jar that I made was just as simple as the first.

mason jar with washi tape

Simply add Washi tape in the pattern of your choice.

I added striped tape vertically, then added polk a dot tape horizontally.

decorated mason jar

Once I had my tape on, I added the fairy lights and tied on a co-ordinating bow.

It doesn’t get much simpler!

For this design I could have painted on a buffalo check, but I like the fact that I can change out the color of the tape whenever the notion strikes!

Clearly, I have decorated these jars for the day time, but what do they look like at night?

fairy lights

They are so fun and festive that I want to make a lot more of them!

fairy lights

I love a craft that is easy, everyone can do it and it’s cost friendly.

So how much did each jar cost?

Here’s the break down:

Fairy light -$2.70 each

Mason Jar – $2.80 each

Total cost:  $5.50

Which leaves a lot of  money left over for any embellishment that you choose.

Not too bad for such a fun addition to your outside patio or garden!

Now I hope that you will join me in visiting the other participants to see what they made this month. I’ve listed them below to make it easy for you to find them.

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Until next time….


Fairy Lights

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  1. That’s a brilliant idea .. I’ve always wanted to do something like this .. I’ll be coping this once I get an established garden..

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