DIY Riser


DIY Riser

Hey Friends! Today is the Creative Craft Hop and I have a fun craft for you. An easy DIY riser or mini cake stand.

Creative Craft Hop

A quick shout out to Sara from Birdz Of A Feather for hosting this hop.

She always does a fabulous job and makes getting together so much fun.

If you are coming here from Nikki’s at Life As A Leo Wife, Welcome! I’m so happy that you are here and hope that you enjoy the visit!

My friend Corine over at Junk To Gems was sharing how to make these risers using only a few items and I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

riser supplies


Round Metal Sign – Dollar Tree

Candlestick – I found mine at a thrift store


Paint brush


Stamp pad


painting a candlestick and a sign


Paint your metal sign and candlestick.

Since my candle stick was glass and the sign metal I chose to use a white milk paint that I had on hand to skip sanding and priming these items.

It may take a few coats for coverage.

distressing a candlestick


I wanted my finished piece to be a little rustic so I decided to distress both the stand and the sign.

For the candlestick I used sandpaper to lightly distress it.

Distressing a riser

Using sandpaper to distress the metal sign didn’t work.

When sanded the silver metal showed.

Since the candlestick was black it looked funny with one being silver and the other black.

My solution was to take a small black stamp pad and lightly brush it onto the metal sign.

This worked very well and matched the candlestick perfectly!

gluing a sign to a candlestick


Once both the candlestick and the metal sign were painted and distressed it was time to glue them together to create the riser.

I used gorilla glue, but you will use a glue that is suitable for the items you are using.

Simply add glue to the candlestick.

gluing a candlestick to a sign

Then place the candlestick onto the bottom of the metal sign.

Let dry.

Once the glue had dried – paint the bottom of the sign white.

I waited to do this step so that the glue would adhere better.

And let me tell you – Corine is a genius because making this DIY riser/ cake stand was so easy and fun that I’m looking for supplies to make more!

Super easy, fun and inexpensive to make.

My kind of craft!

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DIY Riser

Until next time….


DIY Riser

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  1. Fabulous and great solution to distressing these to make them look consistent! Your friend Corine is starting a trend; now I want to try it too!

  2. Love this and the endless possibilities that come to mind…hmmm, I’m going to shop my house and see what I can find! Don’t you just love chalk paint, it’s very handy stuff! Your vignette looks so pretty!

  3. Loved your riser. BUT, what I liked the most was your solution to blacken the silver edges with an ink pad. What great problem-solving. I love collecting hints like that and when someone admits something didn’t work the first time. A smart person learns from his mistakes, a wise one learns from the mistakes of others. Do you realize how much time you have saved all of US!!! Thanx!

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