Dreaming of Spring

Spring flowers 2

Sorry this post is so late. Went out of town for a few days and thought that I would auto post! NOT! So forgive me if I am a few days late.

I couldn’t help myself.  I usually walk right by the floral section at the grocery store. Not because I don’t like flowers, because I do. I would spend a fortune every week, especially now, because I am So. Over. Winter. After the past few weeks I feel like I need some serious light therapy. This time I couldn’t resist because I am dreaming of spring!

Spring flowers

So I bought these lovelies and put them in one of my garden crowns. Two things I love.

It was so darn pretty. Except.. that I could see the ugly plastic pot. I KNOW! I am getting knit picky, but some things just drive me nuts! OCD much?

spring flowers 1

Ribbon to the rescue!  A little bit of two inch yellow lattice pattern ribbon and my problem was solved. I truly like this so much, I may be buying flowers more often. Well, at least until spring arrives and my own garden starts blooming. It really is the little things in life.

Until next time….

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