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Valentine’s Chalkboard

Valentines Chalkboard 2

I cannot believe that it is already time to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Seems like it was just yesterday we were eating turkey and putting up the Christmas tree. And January. Well, I have officially dubbed it the official Month of Birthdays. My reason? Ryan, Tyler, Roxanne, Sally, Siana, Heather, Caleb,and Judy. All who have birthdays that I celebrate in the month of January.

Valentines Chalk Board 2

I don’t really decorate much for Valentines. We don’t even really do much in the way of gifts. Some candy, a cute little gift – that is about it. Just a little token to say I love you.

My chalkboard is one of the few things I do to celebrate Valentines. This year instead of just drawing my message of love on the board, I added the heart garland. I just love my circuit machine! Makes the garland so much easier. My chalkboard was like a little black dress. It just needed a little joo-ry! Gotta love my Valentine’s Day chalkboard!

OH.. and a little side note…

paperwhite 13

My paperwhites grew faster than the alien plant in Little Shop of Horrors! ( If you haven’t seen LSOH -you must!) They did everything but scream “Feed me Seymour, Feed me!” They grew so much that they fell over from the weight. I thought I had another plant fail on my hands until I saw a blog post from Yvonne at Stonegable.com.  Seems that just the way paperwhites roll. Her solution?

paperwhites 12

A few sticks and some ribbon.


I cut some small branches from my tree, stuck them in the dirt and used the ribbon to tie the paperwhites to the sticks.  A cute and easy fix. Thanks Yvonne! Not gonna lie by the time we hit this point they only lasted another week.  Next time I will do this a good week  to two weeks sooner. Yay me! I guess with a little guidance I can grow plants indoors. Maybe!

Until next time….

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