Ear Bobs, Gold Lame’ and Go Go Boots

Ear Bobs, Gold Lame’ and Go Go Boots. All three remind me of my Granny. She hated being called Granny, but pulled her big girl pants up and embraced it anyway.  As they say in the south, she was whiskey in a tea cup.

photo of woman

So why am I telling you this? Have you ever seen something that not only reminded you of someone, but also made you nostalgic for that person? That happened to me recently and I can’t help but share that story!ear bobs

My story starts with these ear bobs, which is what my Granny called clip on earrings.

I found a bucket of them recently.

Immediately, I was reminded of my Granny.

Granny was an Accountant, a Beauty Operator, Dress shop owner, wife, mother and super star grandmother.

Not only did she have shoes and purses to match every out fit, no one got in the way of her weekly hair and nail appointment.

Granny loved to socialize so she  had formals, gold lame’ gloves and in later years wore Go Go boots and drove a GOAT.

More importantly, she introduced her granddaughters to coke floats, gold fish crackers, sleepovers and her love of listening to Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck records on her old portable record player.


Honestly, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with those ear bobs.

Then, as fate would have it, I spied this print on Etsy.

It’s called “The disappearance of Lottie Lightfoot” by Janet Hill.

One look and I was transported back in time rummaging through my Granny’s closet!

When I was very good, I was allowed to play dress up in her closet or rearrange her costume jewelry drawers.

The very best of times.


I counted down the days, waiting for the arrival of the print so that I could get it framed.

Truly, I loved it.

Then I had a thought.

What if I could incorporate the ear bobs with the print?

hot glue and frame

So, I did!

embellished frame

Yep, I hot glued those ear bobs all over that frame!

ear bobs, gold lame' and go go boots

Is it a little over the top, gaudy even?

You bet it is!

But, I love it.

Honestly, it makes me smile every time I look at it.

ear bobs, gold lame' and go go boots

After sending a picture to my sisters, I asked what they thought.

They had the same reaction that I did, love at first sight.

More importantly, I look at it and feel the warmth and love of my Granny.

Every. Single. Time.

So, here’s to ear bobs, gold lame’ and Go Go boots!

Until next time….




  1. Love it! We called my Grandmother Granny as well, and I loved going through her things when I visited her. Such a sweet idea and I just love this!

  2. Oh…if this is not the most darling thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life.
    So so so reminds me of my mama…and she was, indeed whisky in a tea cup.
    This is so sweet and cute you should send it in to a DIY magazine. Seriously !!

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