Broom Parking Sign

It’s raining here. Again. Or should I say still. Today was the day to decorate my Halloween front porch, however since it’s so wet I thought my time would be better spent in the craft room. No, I’m not building an arc, although I should probably consider it. Today I’m painting a Broom Parking sign.

Broom Parking sign

I had this crazy idea that all of the witches here at the castle might need a designated spot to park their brooms.  Who wants to be constantly be tripping over that mess, right?

wooden sign

It all started when I was at Hobby Lobby.

One wrong turn found me on the all things wooden isle.

Don’g get me wrong, I’d been down this isle before.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this sign.

I loved the size, the wooden frame, and with my 40% off coupon, I even loved the price!

With coupon, it was just over $8.00!

Broom parking sign

Font is everything for a sign, isn’t it?

Step one, find a cute font.

Next, it’s time to paint the sign a bright purple.

To transfer the lettering to the sign, you can do it two different ways.

In my faux finish life, we found that it made painting wall murals go faster if we had a projector.

I use this all the time to transfer lettering.

Now, I realize not all of you will have a high end projector, so another way to transfer your lettering would be to print out your lettering from your computer.

Next, using transfer paper, trace your letters onto the sign.


It’s time to paint your letters.

If you are paint challenged and are afraid of paint, don’t worry!

You can also use a black sharpie!

Broom Parking sign

Once my letters were painted, I also add a white accent to make the letters pop.

Sorry, I thought that I had a picture of this but apparently not!

Broom parking sign

Once I had finished with the lettering, I realized that I didn’t like the color of the frame.

So I painted it black.

Broom Parking sign

My broom parking sign took less than 2 hours, start to finish.

Broom Parking sign

Now, if it will only stop raining so that I can put it on the front porch!

Until next time….



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