Front Porch Mini Makeover

Front Porch

Easter’s over and the Castle is looking a little bare. In some places, even a little forlorn. Like my front porch.   It’s definitely time for a front porch mini makeover.

Planter with dead plants

The flowers that were so pretty this winter are long past the expiration date.

Icky greenish yellow tree pollen is in every nook and cranny.

And it’s super windy so we have dirt everywhere.

So, instead of a full on Spring cleaning and decorating even I’m choosing to do a mini makeover.

Just until Mother Nature is done.

Flat of Plants

The Planters

I made a quick nursery run and found some pretty shade loving plants for my planters.

Aren’t they pretty?

I’ve got a Thriller – Caladiums.

A Filler – The Impatients

and a Spiller – The Creeping Jenny.

Planter with plant

After cleaning out the old plants and amending the soil I stared planting in the back of my planter.

Planter with plants

Although I don’t normally skip to the front, I wanted to see how much room the Creeping Jenny would take up, so I planted it next.

Planter with plants and flowers

Then I filled in the bare spots with Impatients.

Yes, I am a messy gardener!

I repeated the same process with the planter to the right side of the door, cleaned up my mess and proceeded to decorate the rest of the porch.

The Door Mat

Since I loved the rug and mat that I used for Easter I decided to use the same ones again for right now.

This pretty bright blue plaid rug is the base of this fun duo.

Next, I added back in this coir door mat.

I bought this last year and it was in pretty good shape, but had faded quite a bit.

I’ll be sharing how I gave it back it’s luster with you soon!

Home Sign with Charm

The Home Sign

Next, I changed out the charm on my home sign.

I’ve had this one for quite awhile, however if you want to shop both Home Signs and charms you can go here.

The Front Door

I was torn as to what to put on my front door.

A wreath?

Most of my really weren’t for this transitional season so I would have to make a new one.

A door hanger?

That would definitely work.

So I chose this colorful  pineapple, which is the symbol for hospitality.

Hello Garden Flag

The only thing left to do was to put out a garden flag which you see as you approach the front porch.

And this is the result!

Will it stay this way as summer approaches?


However, when I deep clean the front porch once Mother Nature is finished there are always some new and fun changes in the decor.

You never know!

Until then, I’m happy with this front porch mini makeover!


Front Porch Mini Makeover

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