Ten on the 10th! Spring is Here


It’s time for Ten on the 10th! Spring is here, so I’ve been stalking the isles in all stores for anything fun and new that doesn’t leave a gaping hole in my wallet. Mama needs new flip flops!

This month I’m sharing two items that I really love. Not only are they both under $10.00, both are super useful and pretty!  Both came from a Walmart. 

First up – new outdoor pillows.  If you follow along with me at all, you know I love throw pillows. Indoors and outside. The only problem with outdoor pillows is that even the expensive Sunbrella material can fade over time, or I forget to bring them in when it rains. Either way, they don’t last long.

My new pillows have such fun colors. The blues, whites and lime greens are fresh and crisp. They also match the bird pillow that I bought last year!

So how much did these  beauties set me back? They are $5.00 each! Yes, you read that right. Five dollars each!

How is the quality? While they aren’t super thick, they are as well made and as nice as some that I have purchased for more than $20 each.  Actually, this is the second pair of pillows that I have purchased. The first pair I purchased last year and they still look brand new.

They also come in several different pattern choices. There was a red and white pillow that I almost bought instead, but a girl can only use so many pillows outside.

My second item is this 3 outlet wireless outdoor timer with a remote. I have string lights strung all over my yard. They plug in at different places around my yard, but the main outlet that they plug into is by my pond. Which is not the most convenient place. When I saw this product, I was super excited. I was even more excited to find that it cost $9.96!

The instructions for mounting and operating were super easy to follow.

The timer is so easy to install. You simply plug the timer into the outlet.

Next, mount the timer onto your wall.  This seemed backwards to me but I guess they want you to find placement after it has been plugged in as it has a fairly short cord.

Plug in the string lights to your timer and set the time that you wish for lights to be on. I set mine to come on at dusk and stay on for 4 hours. One of the features that I love best is that as the days get longer I can set the timer to stay on fewer hours!

So once it got dark, did they work?

Of course they did! I set them to come on at dusk, which they did. And the remote? It is awesome! I just know that it’s going to make lighting up the outdoors so much easier this spring and summer.

That’s it for the Ten on the 10th! Spring is here edition. I love finding great deals, so be sure to share your deals and steals with me!


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  1. I have been stalking the pillow bin every time I visit Walmart, which is way too often I might add. I had no idea there was an outdoor timer.

    Great ideas!

    1. Ellis,
      Thanks! The lights are one of my favorite things in my backyard too! The timer is going to be a fun addition!

  2. Great finds! The pillows this year at WalMart are so cute! Honestly, you can pay more but why? They are all outside suffering from the wind and rain. I vote for these.

    That light thing is very cool too. I’ve never seen one of those. Can’t wait to get to our new house and string up lights. There’s just something about them that turns every day into something special.

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