My Redneck Pool 2017

Not much has changed with my redneck pool this year and at the same time everything has changed! I bought a new, bigger redneck pool. (The old one bit the dust.)  Which meant making a bigger crop circle pad for it to sit on,  buying new bamboo to go around the pool, and basically updating everything.

Recently, I have had two questions asked about my pool. Why didn’t I show a finished picture of it in my last post? And, how do I put up the bamboo? So I’m going to answer both of those today! It’s a LONG post, so grab something to drink and enjoy!

Why haven’t I shared a finished photo of my pool? Because it’s not finished!

Why and how do I put up the bamboo?  I add the bamboo to the outside of my pool for a little fun. Kind of like adding earrings to an outfit!

So how do I attach it to the pool?

I start with  these rolls of bamboo that I purchase  from a big box store. They are about $24.00 for a 8 ft X 16 ft roll. I used 4 for an 18 ft diameter pool.

Normally, we cut the rolls to the height we want before attaching it to the pool. This year we decided to put it up a little differently.

We simply rolled it out and tied the bamboo onto the pool legs using twine.

This little tool is the bomb! It allows me to grab the twine behind the bamboo and pull it through to be tied. Makes attaching it so much easier.

Although  I didn’t show it, we cut holes in the bamboo where the hoses and filter were as we went along. The bamboo is super easy to cut with scissors.

This is what it looked like once the bamboo was attached to the pool.

Now, all we needed to do was cut the bamboo down to the height of the pool.

The hubs cam up with the idea of marking a level line onto the bamboo so that we would make a nice even cut.

Once we had the line marked, we simply cut off the unwanted bamboo!

My redneck pool is officially finished. The swim up bar is in place. Our umbrella is up. The toys and towels are out, and the floats have all been blown up!

We store the floats on the back side of the pool.

A couple of my sweet friends bought me Madeline, my new ginormous pool float. Isn’t she pretty? I can’t wait to try her out!

As I was putting out all the toys and sunscreen I noticed this moth! I find it strangely beautiful and creepy at the same time.  It’s HUGE! I really hope it flies off and finds a new home soon.

So, that’s it. My redneck pool 2017 is up and running. Now it’s time to finish the rest of my planting, build a new fence, and work on the patio extension. The work here at the Castle is never done!

I have a feeling I’m going to need a lot of R & R in my pool!




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