Fun Things We Found

It’s been over a year since we lost our sweet father. My sisters and I have slowly gone through his things little by little. It was over a year ago that we had to remove everything from the house, garage and barn in less than a day! We went through a lot of stuff, threw a lot away and stored the rest in my sister T’s garage. This past weekend we went through everything and had an Estate sale. Boy, what a job! But, let me tell you about the fun things we found.

toy horse and cowboy

Like all of my Dad’s old toys! My Dad was a cowboy and apparently loved horses all of his life.

horse and wagon

Not all of the toys were in the best of shape. We threw out the broken ones and kept as much as we could.

This wagon was hand carved by my grandfather for my dad.

There were over a dozen of these plastic horses.


These horses were also hand carved by my grandfather.

If you look close you will see that the horse’s harnesses were hand made too.

Can you imagine?

That takes letting your kids play with matches to a whole new level!

My sisters and I were laughing so hard!

butter churn

There were a lot of household items as well.

This Daisy Butter Churn is like new.

I can just see one of our relatives bringing this gift home for his wife. Her reaction? “I’m not making my own butter!”


We found a brass torch.


An old iron.

gas can

An old gas/ oil can.


Even an old telephone insulator.

nut crackers

I was so excited when I found these beauties!

My mother’s parents always had a bowl of nuts with these nut crackers on their coffee table when I was growing up.

I hadn’t seen, or thought of them, in many years!

So excited.


These were a head scratcher. None of us had ever seen them before.

They are globes from a string of Christmas lights.  They are approximately 4 to 6 inches in length. Almost as big as a regular light bulb.

We couldn’t for the life of us figure out what the were used for until we found the electrical strings that went with them.

I love them. Not sure what I will be doing with them but they are super cool!

tool chest

My favorite thing was my Dad’s old craftsman tool box.

I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I plan on transforming this piece into a beauty to hold my painting supplies.

I can’t wait!

These are just a few of the fun things we found! I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

Some things made me happy, some nostalgic and some down right excited that we have updated technology.

Cuz this girl’s not churning butter either! LOL!

Until next time…..




  1. This is the BEST, Tammy! I absolutely love the wooden toys your grandfather made, and those lights are fantastic. I bet you two had a blast, from laughing highs to tearful sads, and everything in between. My sisters and I did this with my mother’s things, and it was the beginning of our organized Panoply adventure. 🙂

    1. How awesome that your Panoply adventure started out that way! I have to say going through all of the “stuff” has made me more curious about some of our finds. I was also amazed at all of the stuff he had collected. The weekend had it’s lows but I like to think that the highs made us all a little bit closer.

  2. So awesome Tammy!! How fantastic your dad saved these treasures! 😁
    Ann’s just like you, my grandparents and my mom always had a bowl of nuts and the same nutcracker as yours! Going through all that must have been a great trip down memory lane, and a tad bittersweet. Losing parents is so hard, but they leave their legacy with us. 😚

    1. Thanks Erika! Like you said, it was a little bittersweet but fun at the same time. I am blessed to have wonderful sisters!

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