Gardening At The Castle

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raised iron flower pot

Gardening at the Castle has been different this year for sure! Last year was our first summer in our home and we tore out all of the plants, shrubs and flowers and started from scratch. It was a BIG undertaking .

We made sure we planted a lot of perennials.

Shrubs, flower, and trees that would look good year round, or at least come back each year.

But Mother Nature had different plans for our yard.

Last February, just like most to the country, we had record cold temps and a lot of my plants and shrubs did not survive.

flower pots and angel

Most years we have such mild winters here in North Texas that a lot of my annuals in my pots overwinter.

Not this year.

For the first time in a long time I started from scratch in my flower pots also.

hostas in the front garden

Thanks goodness a lot of plants did survive because there is a plant shortage here also.

A lot of plants that you would normally find for sale here just aren’t available.

It doesn’t help that the prices of plants have skyrocket either.

I got lucky and all of my hosts, ferns and most of my shrubs did come back.
Japanese maple

My Japanese maple, or as we like to call it “a stick with leaves”, is doing really well this year.

I’m doing the happy dance over this one!


The Hydrangeas are new and are just about to go crazy blooming.

I’ve never had a spot in any of our previous homes that would support planting a hydrangea, so I’m really excited about this one.

rockers on the front porch

I’ve started cleaning off the porches, cleaning the furniture and cushions, and planting every pot that is empty.

The front porch is starting to look summer ready.

I still have a few more things to do, but I’m excited to be almost done.

side flower garden

The back yard is just the biggest mess right now.

We are putting in huge retaining walls across the entire back of the property.

Can you  say mud everywhere?

For the most part the beds we planted in the back are really doing well.

We have tons of sages, Prairie Verbena, shrubs and Guara.

We also added in new solar lights around the pool and side garden.

I love them!gazing ball

My latest addition to the garden is this gazing ball.

Hobby Lobby has all of their Spring merchandise on sale 50% off right now.

I love colored glass so this one was screaming my name the minute I walked into the store!

flower pots with flowers and herbs

I like to put my Herbs in pots.

So far I’ve only found Cilantro, Rosemary and Bee Balm.

Crossing my fingers that I will find more.

flower pots by the pool

I would love to say that  gardening at the Castle was strategically planned out.

But that would be a lie.

It’s more of a fly by the seat of my pants.

This year I’m just buying whatever catches my eye for the most part.

new dorm and rug

The garden in the back won’t be finished until the retaining walls get done.

If they ever get done.

The forecast is calling for sun tomorrow and then rain for the next TEN DAYS!

Mamma’s gonna need some serious  light therapy for sure.

I’ll be sure and share more of gardening at the Castle as soon as we get everything put back together!

Until next time…..

Gardening at the castle

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  1. How wide and tall is your retaining wall going to be? Who is building it? Are they doing a good job? Would you recommend them? If so, please text me their company name when you have time.

    1. Thanks Alan! We have 200 feet of retaining walls in our back yard so that’s plenty of room to plant and add art for sure!

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