Sliding Rugs

Hey friends! Today’s post is about something that is a game changer in your home. I know it may sound boring, but it fixed a problem that has been driving me nuts. First let me share the problem with you. Sliding rugs. I’ve tried a ton of things to fix the rugs from moving all over the floor in my kitchen and my bathrooms and I’ve had zero luck.

Until I was watching TikToc the other day and saw a women who had the same problem.

She was painting the back of her rug with rug runner

On a typical day I will find my kitchen rug looking like this.

I will put it back in place, only to come back 30 minutes to an hour later and find it crooked.

We have tripped over it, slid on it and quite frankly I’ve been worried that they are a safety hazard.

bathroom rug

Even my bathroom rugs do it.

bathroom rug, shelf liner

I’ve tried putting rug pads under them.

Still crooked.

I’ve put peel and stick  plastic corner pieces on them.

This worked until I had to wash them.

They were suppose to peel right off and after washing the rug be reusable.

Um, no.

Recently I purchased a ton of shelf liner to put under them.

As you can see it does stick to the rug, however it still slides all over the tile floor.


When I saw the video on how to use Fiber-lok ( no I’m not getting paid to use it) I thought why not?

I’ve tried everything else!

I ordered it here.

It arrived the next day and I couldn’t wait to apply it.

painting fiber-lock on the back of the rug

Appling Fiber-lok

The directions tell you to make sure your rug is clean before application.

Also, do not put this on rugs that you plan to dry clean.

The kitchen rugs are indoor/ outdoor.

I clean them with a power washer and then hang them to dry so I figured I was safe to start with them.

Simply put one thin coat on and allow it to dry completely.

It took mine about 3 hours to completely dry.

rug back

Once it is dry apply a second thin coat.

You can tell it’s dry when the Fiber-lok is transparent.

kitchen, plates, rug

Use Your Rug

Once the second coat is completely dry, your rug is ready to use.

This made me a bit nervous to use it too soon, as I worried that it might ruin my hardwood floor.

So I waited to use it until the next day.

I have to say so far, so good!

I’ve all but danced on it and it hasn’t moved at all.

Even the rug that had a curling corner lays flat.

I’m so impressed that I plan on putting it on the back of my bathroom rugs.

Now, I realize that it’s only been a few days.

So who knows how well it’s going to work in the long haul.

I promise to keep you updated on how well, or how not so well it works.

But for now, I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’m just so excited to say good-bye to sliding rugs!

Until next time…..

No more sliding rugs

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    1. I hadn’t either til I watched a woman on TikTok. lol! The runners in the kitchen haven’t moved, unless I move them to sweep. If nothing else that’s a win for me!

    1. Awesome! I’m glad I could help. The rugs in the kitchen haven’t moved unless I’ve moved them to sweep. I’m getting ready to wash the bath rugs just to make sure that they wash well. Will let you know!

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