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Getting the Backyard Summer Ready

Yard 8

OK… we finally have had a few days to work in the yard. It is so rewarding getting the backyard summer ready.. you have no idea!  With all of the rain, I was beginning to have my doubts.

yard 4

The first thing I like to clean up – other than the flower beds – is one of my favorite places on earth – the patio. Or as my BFF Rox says ” the party-o”.  I made out great this year, usually I am buying new pillows, replanting all of the pots, and replacing anything that is totally worn out. Due to our unusually mild winter everything was in pretty good shape. Even some of the plants survived. So I am just filing in where needed, scrubbing the furniture and giving everything a tiny facelift. Woo Hoo!

We have always had a metal and cloth gazebo over this area. We have had the same one for the last three years, but lost it to a severe wind/thunderstorm this past fall. In the ten years we have been in this house, this was our third one. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do another. However, our backyard is on the west side of the house with very little shade so we need to have something that will provide a large amount of shade.

yard 1

The hubs decided that maybe a shade sail system ( say that fast three times in a row! I dare ya!) might be the answer. I was reluctant at first because I wasn’t sure how it would look… ya know? I have to say that the hubs did a great job and I really do love it.

While the hubs was busy hanging the shade sails, I was working on painting my old plastic chairs.

lawn chairs

I have four of these chairs that used to be white – then I painted them black. This is what they looked like before I started painting. Not too pretty!


I decided instead of painting them black again, that  I would use the four main colors in my back yard furniture. Lime green, bright blue, red and black. I read somewhere on-line that it would take one can of spray paint per chair. Ha! It took two full cans and on a couple I could have used part of a third can. Just so ya know! Love how the bright colors pop in the yard!


I’ve already shared with you a few of my other recent back yard improvements…  unfortunately, I still have a ton more to go. If the weather will co-operate I’ll be getting my backyard summer ready before you know it!

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