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Dresser and Desk Makeover

Cam dresser 11

We share in our family. Pass things down. Recently, my seester-in-law Judy gave my seester-in-law Stephanie her daughter’s old dresser and desk for her girls bedroom. Have I lost you yet? Of course, I couldn’t be left out and volunteered to paint them to match my niece’s room. I have to say that this was one of my very favorite desk and dresser makeovers.

Cam Drawers 5

This is what we started with – the dresser…

Cam Drawers 6

and the desk. Both had great bones and were in good shape, but my nieces,the cute Miss C and the marvelous Miss M had visions of something different.

Cam drawers 7

First thing first… a good cleaning to prep for the paint and the removal of  billion drawer pulls! Seriously, not a billion, but DANG, there were a lot! The top of the pieces were very “slick” so I gave them a coat of Kilz to help the paint adhere.

Cam drawers 4

And remember all of those drawer pulls? Well, I am not totally positive, but I think Miss C  gave a great big wrinkled nose, eye roll  to them ( I know I would have!) and decided they wanted something a little more “her”.   So we patched all of the holes with wood putty and once they dried gave them all a good sanding.

Cam Drawers 8

Then I gave them three coats of white paint.  As you can see , you can’t even tell where the original holes for the drawer pulls were. Yep, working in my dining room as we are still having torrential rain here!
Now we could have added some drawer pulls and it would all have been good, but we wanted to add a bit of fun!cam pillow

This is the girl’s bedding… muy bueno! Love those colors.

Cam drawers 3So after texting a lot talking to the girls and their mother we came up with a plan. I painted the sides of the drawers. ( remember I told you I am so lovin’ painting the sides of drawers lately) Each a different from it’s neighbor, orange – Go OSU!, deep turquoise, hot pink, and sagey, olive green.

Cam drawers 1

Then I painted, stenciled and stamped the drawer sides with different patterns to mimic the elements in the girl’s room. These are the dresser drawers…

Cam drawers

And these are the desk drawers…

cam dresser 3

Here you can see them put together. So. Darn. Fun! My part was done and it was time to deliver and load in the room.

cam dresser

The girls chose their own pulls and knobs, bringing this dresser and desk makeover to a close. I love how they chose different ones – in different colors – giving it a cool, young, eclectic vibe.

I am sure if you asked Seester-in-law Stephanie what her favorite part of the dresser and desk makeover was, it would be that the girls have lots of new storage, but for me the best part was when Miss C saw the dresser and desk makeover and she said “Aunt Tammy did not disappoint!” Awwww…. it just doesn’t get better than making those sweet thangs happy!

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