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Small Blue Chest

Sm blue chest 11

OK… before I get started let me just say that if it rains here anymore I am gonna need some serious light therapy. Oh, and an arc… M’kay, maybe not an arc, but a really big boat!  And don’t even get me started on how hard it is to get a good picture! Thanks. Rambling at y’all is way cheaper than therapy.

Remember when I went to wash my car and instead I went to the neighborhood garage sale? Yeah… I am a lot little ADD.. Not only did I pick up the cute small chairs that you see here but I also scored a couple of chests of drawers. One of which I made into the cutest small blue chest!

sm chestThis is my three drawer chest. Before everyone starts yelling at me for painting this piece, it had a lot of scratches and needed a ton of repair on the drawers. It would never have been worth the time it would require to refinish it. But painting this small chest blue? It came to life.

Napoleonic Blue Table

For the past couple of years I have had this piece in my entry hall. Originally I wanted to paint it a bright color like a bright, shiny orange or red and put shelving above it to make a bar . Very eclectic, very cool. Before I could get started on that, my ADD kicked in again and I painted it Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue and put it in my entry hall. I liked it – a lot.

Then I saw this small chest and knew that it would also be great in my entry. What’s a girl to do?

sm chest 2

I painted the piece and gave it a couple of coats a clear and dark wax. To make the details stand out I distressed them and then added some gold painted accents.

sm chest 1My small blue chest is so pretty….

sm chest 3

I love adding color to the exterior sides of drawers.  Every time you open the drawer it is like getting a really cool surprise. This time I painted the sides AS Pure White. Then stenciled and animal print in AS Napoleonic Blue. I liked it, but it seemed unfinished.

sm chest 6

Since I had put gold on the exterior, it just made sense to put it on the interior. I just outlined the stenciling. I loved that it gave it a more finished look.

sm chest of drawers 7

Once that was done it was time to add the handles. To me the silver ones that were on it when I bought it were too modern and I am positive that they were not original to the chest. I had these pulls, that you see above, that came off of a chest of drawers that my sister repurposed. I gave them a coat of gold paint and they were perfect.

sm blue chest 10

This small blue chest really fits this space perfectly. Of course y’all know I love navy – it is my favorite color! The fact that it has storage is a big bonus too. I mean, can we ever have enough storage?

I love changing things up. It always makes me feel like I have a brand new space. Hmm… what can I change up next?

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