Gobble ’til You Wobble

I know that we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet, however in blog land we are always a step ahead of the seasons. With that said, I’ve already started planning my gobble ’til you wobble celebration!

I’m so excited! It’s my turn to host my family’s Thanksgiving holiday this year. I know it’s early, but the holiday will be here before I know it, so I’ve already started planning.

This was my Thanksgiving table last year. I loved it so much that I wanted to use the basic things like plates, napkins, chargers and placemats again. Especially the napkins. They are some of my all time favorites.

Recently, Michaels had a 70% off sale. I found these beauties and knew that I would use them at some point. How could I resist at $1.50 each? I tell myself things like this all the time. Can I justify a good buy or what?

I love that they hold your utensils and have a slot to write names or fun message on. I can see using them at a formal table or even at a picnic. I love multi-functioning items.

I wanted to embellish them a little for my Halloween table, so a trip to Hob Lob was in order.

I thought that these glittery bells and cute pumpkin ribbon would be perfect.

First, I tied a small bow that fit just below the metal bracket. 

Once I had the bow, I sewed one of the glitter bells to the bottom the bow.  Then I attached the bell/bow to my utensil holder.

I could have hot glued the bow on, however I may want to use these utensil holders again. I simply attached it by stitching it on. Just enough stitches that the bell would stay on and would easily be removed.

I love them! Almost as much as I love my napkins. And that is a lot!

While my Thanksgiving table planning isn’t close to being finished, I feel like I’m off to a good start.

So let the Thanksgiving celebration begin.  I can’t wait to gobble ’til you wobble!

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