The Queen of Halloween

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am the Queen of Halloween! Not the gory, ugly, super scary kind of Halloween. I’m more of the cute decor, let’s dress up and eat candy type of gal. I’m all about the fun!


I can’t help myself. You bust out the candy corn and I am there and I don’t even like sweets. Halloween is a mere one week away, so we have been busy bees here at the castle getting ready for it!

Our family started making their own Halloween costumes years ago. It seemed that the costumes that were available at Party City and Walmart weren’t “real” enough for those of us here at the castle. Crazy, I know.

The youngest prince came by to make his latest costume for an upcoming party this past weekend. It wasn’t long before the entire garage and kitchen was filled with costume paraphernalia. I honesty don’t mind though. We laugh, have fun and create together. Good times.

Sweet seester #2 called wanting to know if I had a witches hat she could borrow to wear to work. No, I do not. However, deep in the closet I have all the things to whip one up.  So I did!

The Queens are going on a Witches Brew train ride this Friday night. The train departs from Grapevine, TX. A ticket includes  drinks, food and entertainment all while the train rolls down the tracks. Costumes are encouraged.

All Queens have been crazy busy, so we opted out of full blown dressing up, to wearing a Halloween Tee.   We didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. I decided to make mine. I cut out this cute design on my Silhouette and ironed it onto a black Tee that I already had.

So cute! While I really love it, I felt like something was missing. What do you think?

Oh, I know what it is. It needs a little bling!

Swarovski crystals and my hot set tool to the rescue!

I love my hot set tool. The crystals come with adhesive on the back, the hot set tool melts the adhesive to the t-shirt without harming the crystal.  While it does take a little time to set each crystal, it is so easy to do and so worth it.

See all that white looking stuff on the shirt that looks like lint? It’s glitter. I have a feeling I will be trying to get it off the shirt – and everywhere else – for quite some time!

Being the Queen of Halloween really does have it perks!

The house is decorated, costumes are finished, candy is bought. Bring on the tick or treaters!

Until next time….



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