Green Garden Flag

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I made a green garden flag! I’ve made garden flags before – You know how picky I am!  I still love this  first one, but I was ready for a new one to celebrate this spring.  You can see how I made the first one  here.


I was inspired by Kari Anne at Thistlewood Farms. She made the cutest monogramed banner ever. I loved it so much that I thought it would make a wonderful painted  garden flag.


Disclaimer: I am not a seamstress! If you are looking for a tutorial on the correct way to sew something – this probably isn’t it!  This is just how I made mine and how it worked for me.

I made my green garden flag, exactly like I made the first one except  for the bottom.

green yard sign

To make the bottom I found the center of my flag, I measured up 4inches from the bottom. Then using a ruler I drew a line from the center to the lower outer edge. Do this on both sides.

green yard sign 8

Once you have found your finished angles, do the same thing again starting with your new line and measuring up 1 inch. Then cut along your bottom line.

green yard flag

Clip the center to make folding your raw edge up easier. Be sure to cut up to, but not beyond your marked line.

green garden flag 10

Fold up, iron, pin and sew.

green garden flag 11

tip: because my flag is made from a drop cloth, it can fray. After sewing the edges I used Fray Check on any spots that looked like they were fraying.  

Time to let the fun begin! Painting your design.

Green yard sign 2

Your flag at this point could basically be done. However, I wanted to give mine a little glam, so I added a drop cloth ruffle and then added a small ball fringe trim on top of that. I used fabric glue to attach both.

green yard sign 1

One last thing – I sprayed it with a waterproofing to make it more durable for outdoor weather. A girls gotta be prepared for all kinds of weather here in Texas!


green gardens flag 4

Ta Da! My finished green garden flag.  While not nearly as cute as Kari Anne’s, I’m happy with my end result. One more bright spot in my garden!

Until next time….


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  1. This banner is so adorable! I love how you painted the garland. Mine would not look like that.LOL Might have to use a stencil! I’m pinning! Thanks for the how to!

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