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I’ve been working on my outdoor patio area. A lot! And while I am nowhere near being finished – due to all of the rain – I thought I would share a quick sneak peek!

outdoor patio 11

Last week I shared with you my new garden flag. If you missed it you can see it here.

outdoor patio 5

We’ve been building a new flagstone patio and raised beds. We still have a few things to finish up on those but we are getting there. This is the only shaded area of the back yard so I am loving being able to put in shade plants.

outdoor patio

I’ve hung the outdoor patio lanterns… I think this year I would like to add a few smaller ones in a complimentary color to the mix.. The bird feeders are cleaned out and full of seed.

outdoor patio 2

My clematis is going crazy!

outdoor patio 6

The herb garden is thriving. Yay! Since we added the beds this year I also planted some lavender.

outdoor patio 1

The strawberries are multiplying like rabbits. Soon I will have enough to put in my cereal for breakfast. Yum!outdoor patio 7

We never really had much of a winter here in Texas so most of  the flowers in my large planters never died. Bonus for me! As you can see they have thrived in the last month with all of the rain.

outdoor patio 4

Remember how I said it has been raining a lot? Well, every once in awhile you take a picture and it’s something crazy that you can’t explain how you got it. Well this picture of my pond is one of those.

outdoor patio 8

It totally looks like it has been filtered or edited, but no. One crazy effect, right?

I still have a lot to do. Mulch the beds, replace the fence, paint some furniture, put up the redneck pool, plant more flowers, paint the shed doors and the list goes on and on… I guess a gardeners work is never done here at the castle!

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