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Happy October!  I finally got around to do a little more decorating – very little.  I keep thinking I am not doing any more but then with every little vignette I end up thinking “hmmm…maybe just one more?” Hey, just how I roll these days. I just wanted to share with you my Halloween decor that I have done.


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Last post I shared my Halloween Table with you.  I didn’t have any napkins because I just couldn’t find any that I loved.  Well, I still didn’t find any napkins but I did find some bandanas!  Woo Hoo.  Hob Lob had these black and white polka dot and I thought that they would look fab with the table runner!  Me likey!


fall decor 3


I found these placemats at Home Goods awhile back.  They work great in the kitchen eating area.  As much as I would like to go overboard and decorate this table like I do the formal dining area, this is where we eat daily and  it is a much smaller table than I used to have in here.  I don’t have the time to remove the cute stuff to make room to eat, so I keep the tablescaping in here to a minimum. I also found this mercury glass pumping at Home Goods and LOVE it.  Glass pumpkin, purple charger, spanish moss, eye balls, skeleton hands and I have my Halloween centerpiece!  So easy and so little time to put it together!



fall decor 2


Also in the kitchen dining area – a witch crashed into the fern, oh my! Love her sparkly shoes. They make me giggle. I recently had someone tell me that my home was very whimsical.  Huh?  I can’t imagine why!


fall decor 1


A few pumpkins, halloween linens, and an apple that  proclaims how “wicked” we are, dress up the hutch.


fall decor 5


These pumpkins were on the dining room table so they found a new home in the living room.


fall decor 6


Along with these stuffed pumpkins which I adore!  I love that they aren’t traditional and that they are soft enough that if my Lab’s tail or small hands knock it off of the coffee table no harm is done.  Ya gotta love that!

I do have some lighted haunted houses in the living area too, but enough with all of the pictures already! How is your fall/Halloween decor coming along?  Are you already finished or like me, still trying to get into the fall/ Halloween mood? Who knows, the next time I post I may have the whole house decked out – or not!

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