Halloween Tablescape

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Okay… I finally got into the “fall” decorating mood.  I warned you that it might be Halloween decor time before I got there!  I have slowly added things here and there for both fall and Halloween that I will share with you later. Today I want to share my Halloween tablescape.


Halloween table 14 1


For me decorating your table is all about the layers.  I didn’t change much from last years table except for a few new touches.

1. Start with a clean empty table.  Add your tablecloth or table runner.

I skipped the table cloth and added my new black table runner with white and orange polka dots.  ( it is just so happy!)

2. Add your placemats and chargers.

I used two different kinds of placemats. I like to mix it up. Half of the table has black rectangular placemats that have silver sequined cobwebs up in the corners, the other half are round lime green and orange placemats.  Then I added orange chargers to all.

3. Add your centerpiece.

I had this metal witches hat for years and never really liked anywhere I put it. Until I used it on the table last year.  So this year I added a burlap bow with leaves and shiny spider and my own magic wand!  Put some shiny pumpkins around it and TA DA!  I have my centerpiece!


Halloween 14 3


4. Add dishes, cutlery and glassware.

I normally would have added white dishes but they looked like a neon light on a sea of color.  So I decided to use my purple and orange Fiesta ware.  Perfect.  Add in the silverware. I have visions of spooky cutlery some day but every time I find something I love I back out. Where to store, is it worth the price if you only use it 30 days of the year?  I think too much!

Next up was the glassware.  As most of you know I painted and sold wine glasses in a former life.  So I use my glassware.  All different styles, shapes and sizes.  Eclectic much? OH, yeah!

I would add napkins at this point but I haven’t found any that I just love! Ugh.  When I do… I am going to roll them up and let these cheesy vampire teeth be the napkin ring.  Ya gotta have a little whimsy in there somewhere!

Speaking of whimsy… I hung these really cute jingle bell glitter bugs from the chandy!  Love them!

Yay!  I finally have my fall decorating mojo going.  Look out house!  I DO have more to share with you so come on back in the next few weeks to see how I get my decorating mojo on!

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